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World Acrostic Poems

These World Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about World. These are the best examples of Acrostic World poems written by international poets.


They say I am a dreamer and a true romantic fool 
Happiest living in my own little world though you are welcome too ...

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Categories: me, strength, uplifting,

E-dging ever closer to a
u-niversal link between the
p-eople who oppose all
h-ateful despots who encroach
o-n precious freedoms be they
r-ight or left wing motivated spectres
i-n a world...

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Categories: care, change, character, courage,

Sunday Poem Earlier than Usual
H Holy Spirit, have Thy Way in me as much as with
O Others
L Loving Thee, we love Jesus: no difference, other than He was man

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, bible, chanukah,

Premium Member Archbishop

Adorned with jewels, embroidered silks and golden staffs
Richly garbed shepherds strut in their ornate robes.
Cynical, stuffy and pretentious, these popinjays are
Holdovers of regal times, a...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

At the very pinnacle of the authority chain, heaven reveals the necessity for government

Rivalry against God from the hands of Lucifer demanded policing and a...

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Categories: america, christian,

E-dging ever closer to a
u-niversal link between the
p-eople who oppose all
h-ateful despots who encroach
o-n precious freedoms be they
r-ight or left wing motivated spectres
i-n a world...

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Categories: care, corruption, courage, dedication,

Klever and kreative...very loyal, diligent and trained to be a grand and uplifting influence to all ages and acknowledged any kid's strengths and worked on...

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Categories: basketball, encouraging, i miss

Premium Member Abraham Father of Many Retorts

Fake news and beliefs in hegemonic certitude at its roots

An epidemic of political correctness spread through the world

Though shalt not speak my name in vain...

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Categories: discrimination, food,

Premium Member I can hear the complaints already
D . E. M. O. C. R. A. T. 

D ivide
E xaggerate
M anipulate
O bstruct
C onfuse
R age
A ggravate
T errify

Change my mind…
Nah, just kidding don’t bother LOL


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© Eric Nolan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: how i feel, people,

Premium Member Great Escape

Getting old I view death differently,

Recalling both the good days and the bad. 

Eventually, everyone will die

And death should be as momentous as birth

Tomorrow's sunrise...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Great Escape
Great, legendary Harry Houdini

Ruled the roost during his hey day. 

Enthralling the world with magic tricks

And death-defying stunts. He loomed large.

The greatest magician of all...

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Categories: celebrity, imagery, magic, tribute,

rEQuiem for a nightmare
Imagine Earth itself to be just another Troy, from which, after having raged
In countless battles from Tyre to Megiddo has not been conquered, only aged

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Categories: 11th grade, adventure, anniversary,

Premium Member Great Escape
Good night my playful heart, waltz merrily in fairy dreams
Reveling in memories of beloved blissful blossoming springs 
Engaging her wishes in music of gentle whispering...

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Categories: fantasy, longing, love,

Premium Member Great Escape
Glorious is the path that I am walking,
restraining myself is something I seldom do;
every single day I make grand,
and escape into poetry or watercolor painting,...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: happy, life,

Somewhere In The Future
M-isery and heartache
A-re often felt in this life; 
R-eality of extreme pain
N-ever departs from strife.
I-n a problematic world, chaos creates confusion; 
E-ven the kings and...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member SANTA
S stout fellow who tends to be jolly.
A always in the market for a new line of toys.
N naughty or nice is a big issue...

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Categories: appreciation, christmas, december, happy,

Crown On Her Head
T-he glittering crown on her head
O-ffers world-class beauty; 
N-icely winning the coveted prize
I-n fashion and nobility.

A-mazing crown on her head
N-egates doubts and fears; 
N-otable performance...

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Categories: beauty,

sword sways
Such plays are over; those long knives
went the way, of dinosaur bones I saw,
ornately displayed, as a museum curio
Reminiscing, the carved metal / skewer
disclosed its...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Autumn Season
Autumn Season (Acrostic)

Autumn brings a beautiful season of splendor each year
Unusual beauty of the leaves—their grandeur is so fair
Touching hearts of God’s creation with radiance...

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Categories: america, appreciation, autumn, blessing,

Premium Member Environment
Existential fear abandoned for the sake of delusion

Nuclear freeze in her heart of alchemy’s shivers 

Veiled shadows dancing to the echo of silence

Intemperance sounding choral...

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Categories: dream,