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Society Acrostic Poems

These Society Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Society. These are the best examples of Acrostic Society poems written by international poets.

The Fire Rages On
This isn’t something new -
He still betters her,
Even in pay; definitely in the

Freedom to choose, to have
Intellectual equality, to speak, be heard, be
Respected in a...

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She knows from an early age, her mother’s hand upon her shoulder, she
Understands what is expected, what is right, what her role is: to be

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Categories: emotions,

True Justice

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Categories: community, jesus, love, people,

Pillar Of Society
A-fter the night is gone, 
R-ise of the beacon begins; 
G-reat day February fourth 
E-rases the dark ever since. 
L-et sunny Saturday warm 
Y-our soul...

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Premium Member Sign of the Times
S ee this new time we are in - this strange sedentary society, sitting
I n rooms, on subway trains, and nearly everywhere with some device...

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Categories: history,

Premium Member NEW ORDER

S ucculent forests now barren, almost dying
I n the hands of thieves hungry for fortune, while
G lobal warming  crushes nature’s environ
N otwithstanding  war’s...

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Categories: corruption, life, society,

Creativity manifesting
Consciously I sit and dream

Realms of fantasy and reality

Existentially seeking roots in me

Abundantly sowing seeds

Taking time to eek out the weeds

Inspired by all that I...

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Categories: inspirational, motivation, uplifting,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

Sinister snarling swindling scandalous scoundrels secretly slither shamelessly
Implicitly interrogated ‘bout innermost insidious illegitimate impertinences
Ghastly Grotesque grimacing gumption gorging gruesome gimmicky gossip
Netherworld’s nauseating narcissistic nefarious nature...

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Categories: corruption, dark, humanity, society,

Ethnic Origin
A-n attempt to classify people, 
N-ot according to nationality; 
A-ll about the ancestry instead, where there is commonality. 

E-arly morn February fifth, 
L-anguage is similar...

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by:  Eric L. Boddie

Sin only shuns
Satan owns society
Stress owns success
Success offers selfishness
Selfishness outshines sight
Sight outweighs spite
Something overwhelms solidarity
Serenity only succeeds
Streaks only sustain
Simplify our situations

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Categories: humanity, identity, inspiration, integrity,

N- Normal is every day. 
O- Ordinary is people. 
R- Real is environmental. 
M- Motion is function. 
A- Abnormal is not normal. 
L- Life is normal, and the creatures and...

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Categories: creation, culture, environment, god,

A loner
He sits alone, dreaming of the masses who support his social addiction.
  Spending hours rehearsing the  entrance walk and antectdotes he will be...

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Categories: birth, birthday, boyfriend, business,

When Mind Sleeps
W hen in rapidly moving times the world scene changes fast
H owever hard you may try all the time, you can’t truly adjust
E ven if...

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Categories: conflict, life, society,

Me Too
There's a movement going on
But it shouldn't have taken this long
Me too, Me three, Me four, Me five
Sexual harassment and rape has affected our lives.

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Categories: society,

‘World cruise’ is a story of paradise,
Travel, that remained unravelled,
Odyssey doesn’t necessarily meant to move around,
Voyage here renders,
Cruise from being ancient to be ameliorated,
Cruise from...

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Categories: adventure, how i feel,

Inner peace
Unerring and truthful I ever remain
Never thinking or denying my fate
But rather thriving to accomplishment
Right or wrong, that is my resolve
Ephemeral or not that is...

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Categories: anxiety, i am, love,

Premium Member From glory to dust-2
From glory to dust-2

F ragile humans flailing away at cataclysmic events, trying to
R ule the world without a clue, not knowing the way
O ut... Impressive...

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Categories: angst, confusion, corruption, future,

Canadas Sesquicentennial Celebrations
Come along everyone and let us celebrate
An anniversary of importance.  The date?
Next July First! A day that will soon be here,
And one all will...

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Spring Is Coming Soon
Society anticipates every late March,
Patiently awaiting the seasons rain drops,
Rain soaked ground all around,
Inadvertently will help nature rebound,
Galoshes put on little ones feet,

I remember my...

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Categories: cheer up, nature, rain,

Charlie Clark
Charlie clark.
Huron high school has Randy as a coach.
Animal. What my dogs are.
Randy, the coach for huron.
Lebanon is a country.
I like pizza. 
Eat pizza everyday.


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