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Internet Acrostic Poems

These Internet Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Internet. These are the best examples of Acrostic Internet poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Friends, Online and Offline

F- Forgiving, faithful and frank.
R- Reliable, resilient; add respectful, too.
I- inspiring, invite you to their hearts' doors 
    and are ever so invigorating!
E- Edify, enrich...

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Categories: friend, friendship, internet,


Computer catfish anglers
Are out phising every second, day and night
Trawling the world wide web with baited hook
For innocent victims to catch
Internet sites such as Facebook...

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Categories: computer, dark, evil, internet,

sign of the times
Standing still is certainly not an option 
Ignorance of technology expect corruption,
Guarantee your safety, protect your identity 
Never divulge passwords, just think security,

Over decades so...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: identity, internet, technology, today,

Internet Access
A-n internet access is ability 
N-eeded by any individual 
A-iming to connect to email using computer terminal. 

B-egin to have internet access, 
A-s millions of...

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Categories: birthday,

My Hobby
Happy am I while I sit
On my sofa while I laze
By myself with my laptop
By my lap while I watch
Yeah, anime and manga is dope.


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Categories: art, computer, creation, holiday,

Viral Twelfth September
V-iral twelfth September
I-s spreading like a wildfire; 
V-arious wishes are sent, 
O-ffering delightful desire.
R-elayed through the internet, 
E-lectronic words are penned; 
Y-our heart feels the...

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Categories: birthday,

A Nation Healing
Afflicted after political taunts, hateful remarks and questioned immorality.
Notions of lies and corruption flooded the Internet; friends clashed.
A nation enraged staked her voice at...

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Categories: america, anger, anxiety, corruption,

I-  marvel at thy ingenious blend of depths
B- eautiful like golden apples in a silver filigree
R- einvigorating the curious minds
A- rt thou an internet...

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Categories: africa, art, love, thank

Premium Member Doomsday Comet Warning Triggers Pandemonium
P eople all over the earth were shocked to hear that a Comet half the size of the moon, would
A nnihilate every human being and...

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Categories: destiny, earth, goodbye,

Pokemon's Grim Reaper
Pokemon go


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Categories: addiction, culture, future, games,

The Internet Acrostic Poem
In most electronic devices
Now it's a must have
Total addiction
Every bit of information is public
Research is way faster 
No one needs it
Easier way to find information,...

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Categories: addiction, care, computer, conflict,

Premium Member four walls not a prison make
She lay asleep in dreamland just six years old, been poorly for awhile
She loved to see books of fairies, been thinking, how can I make...

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Categories: fairy, happiness,


Used in the wrong way and feeling like a useless bug on the ground...having faith and wearing a smile during hardships...was I an experiment in...

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Categories: deep,


Existence of the 8 track as I recall, was of short duration

X is a letter of the alphabet seldom used to begin a word

Telephone booths...

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Categories: absence, break up, farewell,

Danger Of Unverified Knowledge
Danger Of Unverified Knowledge

Google generation, generating unverified truths
Failure to think, stolen thoughts root of idolatry
Speaking from caged mind, poor logic and perceptive
Tamed mind caused all...

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Categories: appreciation, inspiration, language, wisdom,

Premium Member Community
Common arena, not necessarily geographic
Ordained by a group of individuals confined in a territory
Meeting and interacting be it coincidental or intentional
Making contacts and creating lots...

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Categories: community, relationship, society,

emotions I feel when I
think about my baby girl
not seeing her on a regular
 bases eats me up everyday
my heart feels like its torn
to pieces,

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Categories: conflict,

A Soul Called Soul
I’m trapped in the American struggle/ 
Surrounded in the alcoholic drug addicted jungle/ 
In my soul called soul I seem to unknowingly look for trouble/...

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Categories: confusion, depression, inspirational, life,

Can't they understand that its just too much
You post or tweet but what you write you watch
Bullied by lawmakers into censoring one's post
Exactly the thing...

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© John Boak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: computer-internet, people, political, social,

P - people are gonna use
I - internet just to
P - pay for the losses of some
A - authorities and suffer misery

S - speech freedom

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Categories: computer-internet, internet,