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Horror Acrostic Poems

These Horror Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Horror. These are the best examples of Acrostic Horror poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Halloween
Horror movies, popcorn, and
apples with caramel;
Lights fog from a Jack o’ Lantern, 
Let the wheel turn again; 
October, the thinnest veil,
Witches soar across the Moon;

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Categories: halloween,

FiRst in the order that one would come by, 
We Only choose one, the other's deny, 
Or Backed in a corner of less choices, 

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Categories: boat, conflict, death, horror,

Premium Member Children Should Be Immune To Cancer

Cancer strikes terror in people.

Awful prognosis, scars a family.

Nasty disease that hurts and kills many.

Children should be immune, but they are not.

Everyone thinks they know,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Skinflint
Shares everything of his, lower than the normal dose
Kindred and all relatives in the house, share one hose
Incredibly stingy that on both his hands, weed...

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Categories: angst, character, horror, humanity,

Premium Member Chagrin
Creates dark cracks in bits or as large as pits
Happiness shrinks for this horror and quits
Anger, ready to open its tool kits
Growing steadily to make...

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Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, wisdom,

Premium Member Ghost Hunters and Spiritualists
G        goblins, ghouls and ghosts
H        haunted houses, blood running cold...

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Categories: death, perspective,


Corky Withers was a Very talented performer,
leaving audiences Excited and mystified
with his magic acts Night after night. 
More mesmerizing Than the sleight of hand
was his...

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Categories: film, horror,

Paint The Heart With Love
P-aint the heart with love, 
A-im to bring pink color; 
T-he wound is finally healed, 
R-ecovered from pain and horror.
I-t's time to erase the scar,...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Sign Of The Times
Striking teachers demanding higher pay
Immigration hiccups giving "dreamers" a migraine
Gun violence perennially choking America's throat
Numerous scandals plaguing Washington politicians

Outspoken Parkland student activists take to the...

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Categories: analogy, angst, humor, metaphor,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

Stones will be thrown down. The temple succumbs like Lazarus.
  Inconceivable evil hurled inside and outside satan’s circle.
Good perceived as bad...

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member Techno-logians -- Sign of the Times
S ignificantly

I mpacting

G ruesome

N iche 

O n

F acebook

T echno - logians  

H elp

E nhance

T errorism's

I nfluence

M ore

E very 

S econd

 April 22, 2018

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Categories: horror, religion, technology,

More In Love, Less In Hate
M-ore in love, less in hate, 
A-llow your heart to glow; 
E-ven in the midst of scorn, never mind the sorrow.

B-ig in love, small in...

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Categories: birthday,

Fear And Scream
J-ust let the night come 
A-s the noon is about to end; 
Z-one of horror appears, 
Z-enith yields to chilling wind. 

F-rom dawn till twilight,...

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Categories: birthday,

It's The Day's X-factor
I-t's the day's x-factor, 
R-ising sun warms the wind; 
E-arly Wednesday April twelfth, 
N-ight chill comes to an

F-lames from the fire
E-rase the dark of horror;...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Avian Compassion
Avian Compassion

Revolting as the world can be

Another war another drought

No food no shelter empty shells

Displacement dire dereliction

Oblivious flies on broken skin

Macario the blessed one awaits


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Categories: horror, humanity,

Relax And See A Movie
R-elax and see a movie, 
I-t can brighten your day; 
Z-ealously ease your mind, 
Z-est takes the woes

M-ovies that you watch
A-re action, horror or comedy;...

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Categories: birthday,

Underwear of thorns
Ugly and painful life I live
No one may know about it
Down there is fixed underwear
Enshrined with sharp thorns
Rigging me into life of agony
When I try...

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Categories: africa, allegory, political,

Living Heroes
Depiction of the green surface
I see the diamonds
However, taken aback by the stench of death.
I am living today, so death does not succumb the stupidity...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member PANDEMONIUM

                 PANDEMONIUM       ...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, horror, violence,

Premium Member PANDEMONIUM
Panic, crying and screaming - sheer chaos ensues
Airport is on automatic security shut down
Nobody knew bombs were going to be detonated
Dead and injured litter the...

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Categories: death, horror, peace, travel,