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Happy Birthday Acrostic Poems

These Happy Birthday Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Happy Birthday Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Happy Birthday poems written by international poets.

Happy Birthday, Dear Grandma Mel
Happy birthday, dear Grandma Mel
Is a greeting filled with great love; 
It's from the heart of the sender
Beneath the sky and sun above.

Happy birthday, dear...

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Happy birthday, Rona, this nineteenth of November!...

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Blessings of God’s bounty be yours today and onward
Inspiration, too, thru His precepts as you move onward
Rejuvenation, refreshment, revival with faith’s trek upward
To keep you...

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Hear, dear God, my prayer for Joyce…
Always uplift her active poise,
Protect her from frustration’s noise;
Propel her moves with smart choice…
Yes, make her constantly rejoice!

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Obedient To The Almighty
E-ver obedient to the Almighty, 
M-inister of God shows meekness; 
I-n spite of hard persecution, 
L-ife's trials, travail, and distress.

S-unday morn May twenty-eighth
A-ims to meet...

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Love Anew

N-ig ht

Happy birthday, Ladylyh, this nineteenth November! 

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Happy Birthday
Hail from top of birth birch tree,
A birdie sings merrily;
Prancing to and fro on each branch,
Pink, yellow, white flowers on its beak are clamped;
Yearning everyone’s...

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Array of hues for “A” healthy life
Showing their radiance day and night
Tableau of romance for all lovers
Exquisite flowers in five bouquets with letters
Rainbow's reflection from...

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Happy Birthday Is Here
G-lowing Tuesday has come, 
R-ed beacon begins to ascend; 
A-iming to warm March seventh, 
C-old chill starts to 

N-ew dawn has broken, 
O-pening the...

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As I Say Happy Birthday
A-s I say happy birthday, 
P-leasant sun is in sight; 
R-ise of the beacon begins, 
I-ncluding the warmth and

T-housand thrill is felt, 
A-pril twenty-fifth Tuesday;...

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Greet Guests At The Door
G-reet guests at the door, 
E-xpress kind wish upon arrival; 
O-ctober third early morn, 
R-egards given are so special.
G-reet guests at the door, meet them...

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Happy Birthday, Rexy
H-appy birthday, Rexy, 
A-ccept my wish so true; 
P-ray to thank the Almighty, 
P-ray to Him to always bless

B-ig celebration of the day
I-s reserved for...

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My One and Only Blood-Sister

My One and Only
Dares to cross the lessor traveled bridges & climb the fjords to the freedom of     ...

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Remember Your Birth
R-emember your birth
U-nder the sky is great; 
D-ay to celebrate is now, 
Y-our moment is worth the wait.

F-or all the world to know, 
L-et me...

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Great Occasion For You
G-reat occasion for you, 
E-vent that's so special; 
L-ight above is shining
O-n the day that's so unusual.

K-ind weather stays the same, 
A-s the dawn starts...

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Let Me Say Happy Birthday
S-o hearing 'happy birthday'
H-as caused me a thousand thrill; 
I-'ve felt so much comfort, 
E-ven gladness I truly feel.

A-llow me to greet you too, 

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The Sky Pathway
F-ine weather warms the day, 
R-ain is nowhere in sight; 
A-nother dawn has broken, 
N-ew morn leaves the night.
C-old chill has just turned
I-nto a warm...

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Found Day Of Joy
T-oday the sun is rising, 
H-igh and wide sky is crimson; 
E-vening shadows disappear,
S-eventeenth January dawn.
S-ong of happy birthday brings joy and laughter; 
A-fter the...

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Wishing For Your Gladness
R-emembering your birthday
O-n January fifteenth dawn; 
N-ew morn has a promise,
A-s the twilight is gone.
L-ife ahead looks so bright, for the sun begins to shine;...

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Happy Birthday To You
H-appy birthday to you,
A-s I greet you with a smile; 
R-emembering this moment
I-n a day-long while.
S-ound of celebration begins, 
S-weet wishes for you arrive; 

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