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Deep Acrostic Poems

These Deep Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Deep. These are the best examples of Acrostic Deep poems written by international poets.

Poets around the world gather right here
Over mounts and founts where muse is found clear
Expecting greatness from Poetry Soup
Then finding it when you need to...

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Categories: inspirational, joy, poetry,

Premium Member With Bated Breath
Whispers curtailed into the cobalt sky
Inspired by diminished reasons why
Twisted into favorite memories
Half bent over, weeping with willow trees

Betrayal never mute when fear prevails
Anticipation of...

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Categories: dark, deep, sad,

Wild exploits of hunting food
Other indications of self-survival
Light moves the wolf on the terrain
Few observations as the vultures fly

Inner thoughts of hunger and survival
Nnumerous observation...

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Categories: analogy, animal, deep, food,

Premium Member RIGHT NEXT TO ME
                 Revealing the sweet way you make me feel...

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Categories: love,

Bad Habits
Bad habits do they ever stay away 
All strong efforts made to quit may sway
Deeper it seeps into dark pores
Hovering as a mole with thick...

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Categories: anxiety, dark, depression, health,

Memories poured out
Emission of doubt
Missing without knowing
Or caring at deep drowning
Reaching out to grasp
In the leaves of wraps
Entirely denying the pact
Sorry for experiencing the act...

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Categories: deep, emotions, feelings, leaving,

Premium Member Touch
This feeling
Of exhilaration
Unadulterated bliss when you...
Caress and kiss me...

Date written:  07/19/2019

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Categories: deep, love, passion,

Premium Member Like A Tree Upon This Earth
Like a tree in the green forest-  I reach for the sky,
into each new dawn I pray, but Lord, I
keep secrets deep in my...

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Categories: courage, strength,


Spaces, Pulling After Culling EonS
Paragons of the wasted's cusP
Avalons midst of Terra - firmA
Crevace in open lust-automatiC
Emptiness's dusk, dawning it's EvE

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Categories: deep,

Trying To Fill The Lonely
Tremendously trying to fill the hollow void between us
Radiant sun shimmers oh so shyly from on high
Yet, the maroon moon is just a day away,...

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Categories: angst, loneliness, lonely, silence,

Secret Ingredient
S-ecret ingredient is joy, 
H-appiness is a factor; 
A-s these two truly bring
N-othing but mirth

T-he secret ingredient in life
A-ims to make you strong; 
L-et faith...

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Categories: birthday,

In The Event Of My Demise
Dedicated to those curious

In the event of my demise
When my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or a belief that i...

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Categories: dedication, deep, depression,

Premium Member HALLELUIAH
Heavenly praises talking to our God
Accelerated talking elevated volume praise
Loudy voice praise, speaking praise, singing praise
Unceasing, unending as long as I'm living
In height on high...

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Categories: deep, devotion, god,


Where shall I find the words to appease such queries 
What shall my mind seek to evolve, to invent
Countless thoughts within endless theories
Constant seeking new...

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Categories: deep, encouraging, inspiration,

Premium Member Growing Old
Empty thoughts oft prevail, in
Minds now numbed by years;
Being filled instead with sleepiness,
Rest, the new music of aged Pioneers.
Age is just a number declared, while

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Categories: age, blessing, character, culture,

Sail Across The Ocean
S-ail across the ocean, 
N-ever fear the deep blue sea; 
O-n Sunday February eleventh, 
O-pen water is an opportunity.
K-eep sailing across the ocean, explore the...

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Categories: birthday,

I fall slowly into a sea of sentiments

All but losing my mind in messages
Messily marking my thoughts and memories

Any feeling enhanced by expression

Painfully trickling tears...

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Categories: art, deep, literature, poetry,

Premium Member Neanderthal
N - Not usually spotted in the western hemisphere
E - Extinct in Canada
A- Almost always
N- Nervous around humans
D- Disappears in deep underbrush when sensed
E -Enthusiastic...

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Categories: animal,

Twenty Ninth Anniversary
This is a day to celebrate
When memories come back to mind
Every little thought provokes something
Never sadness just blessings to find
Twenty-nine is the magic number
Years that...

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Categories: anniversary, love, wedding,


There are many thoughts that envelope your inner voice
There are many scenarios that do and do not give you a choice
There are many fears that...

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Categories: change, depression, encouraging,