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Children Acrostic Poems

These Children Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Children. These are the best examples of Acrostic Children poems written by international poets.

Sit in the loins of my pride
Dance around the embers of my memory
See the children are singing
It’s a game they play, under the dead moon

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Categories: betrayal,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

Premium Member February
Fresh winter wind shines
Early day's icy lace
Brisk peppermint breath
Refined milky light
Ubiquitous candy hearts 
Allows a splash of
Red and pink to brighten
Yearlings' skittish steps to spring.

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Categories: candy, children, red, wind,

Premium Member Watch Children Laugh
With an open heart and a loving mind
Affection flowing from my grateful pores,
The sight that so beautifully spends my time,
Children laughing and playing out of...

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Categories: child, grandchild, joy,

God be praised and thanked for our Dad, Mr. Roberto B. Agustin whom the Lord called to His glory on January 2, 2019.  We...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, father,

Premium Member Children Should Be Immune To Cancer

Cancer strikes terror in people.

Awful prognosis, scars a family.

Nasty disease that hurts and kills many.

Children should be immune, but they are not.

Everyone thinks they know,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Joy arrives at Christmastime
Oh, how utterly sublime
You’ll feel the joy of the children
Full of laughter playing with kin
Until the New Year then arrives
Loving gifts beam...

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Categories: christmas, emotions, faith, fun,

Premium Member I CRAVE FORM
Christ Jesus, my life from destruction
everything no longer
As it once seemed
to become more like Him
is the goal to which I aspire
Victoriously living
Escaped from sin’s muck...

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Categories: bible, change, jesus, journey,

Premium Member MISCHIEF

M   My soulmate is a miracle woman
I     In Conception and in contraception
S    She’s born three children...

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Categories: birth,

Premium Member Ghost Hunters and Spiritualists
G        goblins, ghouls and ghosts
H        haunted houses, blood running cold...

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Categories: death, perspective,

Premium Member Halloween Magic

Howling and wailing into the night
A scary mask-fest causing some fright.
Lifts to neighborhoods not even in sight,
Loot gathered, yet, we dare not take a bite.

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

Premium Member For Caren
Funny, feisty, fearless
Obliterating output
Rescuer of raccoons

Creative counselor to curious children
Adamant artistic aspirations
Relatives overrunning
Eye for exceptional expression
Nifty note-taking natural!


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Categories: appreciation, for her, friend,

Premium Member S O S
Saviour save us from

Our sinful wrong choices

Surrendering man woman and children



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Categories: 7th grade, adventure, beautiful,

Premium Member My 1950's Acrostic
T	Think about the ponytails and clean cut crews
H	He is your main priority, there are books that prove
E	Everyone smokes. It is sophisticated and fancy.

F	Feeling truly patriotic...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Juneteenth
June weddings, white, lacey, crisp, pure, 
Under starlit canopy, soft wispy materials
Nestled into the crook of her true love’s arm, a bride
Ever glowing, celebrating her...

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Categories: love, marriage, relationship,

Premium Member Divorce Acrostic
Dashing of hopes, disappointment, despair, discouragement

Internal struggles, I statements, 

Vicious misunderstandings, vicious rumours

Outrageous miscommunications

Reasonable mourning

Children suffer the most, feeling they created the situation

Everyone's nightmare,...

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Categories: divorce, grief, sad,

Bla bla bla
bla bla bla
b- bless the world everday
l- let the light of God 
    be your strength
a- always gave thanks to 

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Categories: africa, blessing, courage, humanity,

Our Children
Our children, who art our darlings 
Lovely are thy faces,
so many graces,
in earth, as well as in heaven.
Give us today, loving memories;
and forgive us our...

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Categories: children, family, parents, prayer,

Premium Member Mother
M	Mamas, Mommies and Moms

O	Often otherworldly, and ordinary

T	Turn to each other for guidance

H	Help the neighbors learn new ways of doing things

E	Enthusiastic about their children and friends

R	Raise...

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Categories: for her, joy, mother,

Truth shall hold, and set one free
Righteousness shall reign, and let one be
Ornaments that fold, unfold at three
Under father of rain,  Son Spirit be

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Categories: angst, cry, depression, scary,