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Character Acrostic Poems

These Character Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Character. These are the best examples of Acrostic Character poems written by international poets.

Heavenly, holy, high
Incredibly indestructible…
God’s calling* for me is great with His gracious grandeur
Heralding His great help; hoisting my faith’s hope!

Championing compassion of the Lord to...

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Categories: character, christian, devotion, faith,

Premium Member Strength
So strong, and
tough, although life is difficult and thorny, always I seem to be
resisting attacks but my spirit will endure, because of my
enormous and vast...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: strength,

A sheet of paper
OEM factory
Devalue the character
An imitator...

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© Esther Yau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: education,

Righteous Behavior
R-ighteous behavior is put on, 
E-arly January thirty-first; 
Y-our good character lets not the anger and hatred burst. 

B-ecause of your nice attitude 
U-nder the...

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Categories: birthday,

Character Lecture


Topic: Birthday of Claire Gaton (January 14)
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Versatile
Variety in ability, placing the wall paper, also fixing of the tile
Enveloping many departments for work to move and smile
Restriction is a bile and the...

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Categories: art, character, people, spoken

Premium Member Whimpish
Wrong in taking risks, acts too fragile like the fish
Highest level of this strong will ends in a wish
Improper experience, lacking growth, and childish
Mama is...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, character, child,

Premium Member Casuistry
Combination of different fine flowers is also forestry
Angels are mere waiters of one big imaginative eatery
Scoring only family members high is help, not bigotry
Under the...

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Categories: character, how i feel,

Premium Member Altruism
Actions or gestures putting the senses into baptism
Love so pure and powerful, spreads beyond evangelism 
True concern, effective enough to dilute cataclysm
Rates of its occurrence,...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, character, christian,

Premium Member Demeanour
Distinct and upright for maturity to be in diaper
Eyes replacing lips, saying words more than that of a rapper
Mouth closes itself, only to open and...

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Categories: celebration, celebrity, character, mythology,

Premium Member Chauvinism
Country of loyalty is supreme, others add up the number
Heaven is here already, the rest still looking for a plumber
All is perfect, in this domain,...

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Categories: appreciation, bullying, character, discrimination,

Premium Member Bumptious
Breath sounds as loud as a gong
Ultra-aggression so young
Match this act, the bee has stung
People’s ideas, next to dung
To others, dry is their lung
Importance, made...

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Categories: abuse, character, crazy, evil,

Premium Member Skinflint
Shares everything of his, lower than the normal dose
Kindred and all relatives in the house, share one hose
Incredibly stingy that on both his hands, weed...

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Categories: angst, character, horror, humanity,

Premium Member Ineptitude
Inability, so gross in the making
Not just inadequate, completely lacking
Extreme, nothing and a zero in ranking
Poor hand or mind in a show so ground breaking

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Categories: adventure, analogy, character, passion,

Premium Member Innocent


In the game of life, filled with sin

Not all will win, some will lose

No one can choose their hand

One learns to play the

Cards dealt by...

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Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, character,

Premium Member The Last Laugh
The girl he dated briefly
Had pulled some shenanigans
Everyone liked her at first

Loved her, until she showed her true colors.
Always laughing, making fun, teasing, playing
She made...

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Categories: character, encouraging, moving on,

Pleasing God
Pleasing God

Expose darkness
Ambition to live quiet life
Spiritual wisdom
Indeed Love toward others
Never cheat

Depend not on other to meet your financial needs...

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Categories: character, christian, dedication, devotion,

Premium Member MIND LOST TIME
Something tells me in the passage of time,:   I'll no longer be losing my mind

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018...

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Categories: anxiety, character, cheer up,

Night in his black character
Income fights to open the chapter
Gamble the sacrifice to welcome the adaptor
Healed reflection of the fighter
Terminated light to-way-in the night of...

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Categories: night,

Jubilant faith-conquest by the Commander’s might
Upward… the warriors march toward victory-height
Never retreating from battle for what is right
Endeavoring to win souls against evil’s fight…
There, they...

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Categories: character, confidence, encouraging, faith,