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Change Acrostic Poems

These Change Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Change. These are the best examples of Acrostic Change poems written by international poets.

The Four Seasons

S. Starting of the new season, all new life begins to grow
P. Preparing for mother nature’s new growth, her embryo 
R. Reaping and sowing of...

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Categories: autumn, spring, summer, winter,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

Don't wait for the world to change
don't wait for the world to change
d/dont wait for the world 
o/only move on 
n/never mind 
t/the up's and down

w/we are always like that 

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Categories: africa, blessing, confidence, courage,

Nothing is new the robin on the branch or ice on pines
Each rain sparkled petal folding on its eye to sleep
When night with one stroke...

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Categories: change,

Premium Member JANUARY

Just keep on walking from one room to
Another, yes – we’re in a daze;
Now, we’ve finished living this chapter
Urging us to smartly turn its page;

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Categories: change, january, new year,

Premium Member January

Janus is the Roman god for which this month was named,
aptly for transitioning in which this time is famed.
Nearly everyone is trying things to bring...

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member January

        January leads the year towards a novel start,

	And lifts our spirits...

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Categories: hope, january,

Premium Member Ineffable
Incredibly mouth watering and beyond the mind’s procession
Neither time nor logic stands in the way as opposition
Eyes, the heart and body beat the lips in...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, wisdom, words,

When You Vote
When you go to the polls to vote,
Have knowledge of your candidate choices.
Each voter must have education and hope;
Now people constitutionally, do have voices.

You will...

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Categories: community, courage, education, leadership,


Often one will have ideas that run counter to the ideas of others            ...

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Categories: change, community, conflict, history,

Premium Member I CRAVE FORM
Christ Jesus, my life from destruction
everything no longer
As it once seemed
to become more like Him
is the goal to which I aspire
Victoriously living
Escaped from sin’s muck...

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Categories: bible, change, jesus, journey,


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Categories: childhood, home, parents,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall

Bountiful colors of leaves to adore

Even though trees will be soon be bare

Attract the attention of passersby

Untimely winter-like days created 

The scene of a...

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Categories: autumn, color, imagery, peace,

Rain Or Shine
R-ain or shine, serve God,
O-ctober thirteenth day;
S-unny or sullen, stay strong,
E-ither crimson or gray.

B-ad or good weather,
E-ver faithful you remain;
L-et not dark sadden you,
L-et light...

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Categories: birthday,

Addiction is suicide slowed down by fear
Dying to change desperate to disappear
Despair is a constant faithful friend
I can't pull the trigger but I want this...

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Categories: addiction, change, suicide,

Premium Member Take Down This Book
Take Down This Book 

Time goes by and quickly things must change.
All that was is different, new or gone.
Keepsakes bring back memories so strange.
Events and...

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Categories: literature,

Premium Member Changing
Challenging choices for our future
Hoping for the best decision
Always thinking about improving
Never getting total precision
Great risks are often taken
Interesting obstacles along the ride
No turning back...

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Categories: change,

Premium Member Juneteenth

Juneteenth - to celebrate the winds of change,

Usurping persecution, cruel and rife ...

No privilege allowed can e'er exchange

Each right that is endowed a human life.


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Categories: appreciation, freedom, humanity, love,

On Holidays
Overwhelming need grips my very heart
Navigating scenic beauty and ease my mind

Hazy and nebulous, I do feel right now
Only for an idyllic rural life I...

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Categories: beauty, care, change, emotions,

Premium Member Juneteenth
Just so you know, I will give you my summer
Until the leaves change, then I'll be gone
Nay, let us play, let us frolic and plunder

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Categories: june, summer,