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Cat Acrostic Poems

These Cat Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Acrostic Cat poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Foxglove Flower
Translucent is the beauty of the foxglove flower, and
hiding is something they never ever do; careful they are 
extremely poisonous giving rashes, nausea and headaches...

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Categories: flower,

Premium Member Poetic Justice
Spider deftly climbs on by,
Quickly moves on toward the fly.
Ugly, arrogant arach,
In he steals for the attack.
Silently devours his prey,
Hungry still, he moves away.
Enter bored...

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Categories: funny,

Premium Member Mistletoe
Mini, musical meowing, eight weeks old, smaller than
Icicles hanging from the porch, she slips into the
Snowbanks, a frock of fluffed-out fur, dashes in, nestles on

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Categories: cat, christmas, fun, pets,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Bountiful goodness of squash, pumpkins and gourds decorate hay bales
Elaborate labyrinth of vines dried by August suns lean against twilight fences
Autumn colors of browns reds...

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member CAT

Crazy curious and coquette
Animated little angel
Teensy teeming ticklish twister

Calamity’s the name you earned
Antics and abounding energy
Tempestuous and turbulent

Charismatic with deep crystal eyes
Affectionate and audacious
Tinsel loving...

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Categories: appreciation, cat, fun, pets,

Premium Member The Leopard
The most elusive of all the big cats. A patient, intelligent, efficient
Hunter prowling and striking at prey with deadly intent and precision 
Enigmatic. Adaptable. Strategic....

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Acoustical Cat
Cautiously, creepily,  carefully, camouflaged, calmly chewing
A rodent? Bunny? Mole? Rabbit? Something obviously dead.
Tenaciously chewing, happily chewing, swallowing their sweetness.

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Lickety-Split - Acrostic
Laying in my bed all cozy and warm, and
   inside the blankets my kitty cat snores, sweetly
captivating birds sing outside my window, and

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Categories: life,

Premium Member C A T

Cautiously, creeping, close to the ground

Aloof,  mysteriously independent. Assertive about what food he’ll consume,

Trickster, sneaking around, following his own agenda.

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Categories: animal, cat, children,

Premium Member Bandit
Blissful life I live, my owner Julie thinks she owns me, I 
Allow her to think she does, I'm the one that runs the home....

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Categories: cat,

Premium Member Cats
C ats are always there for you 
A lways showing their love
T hrough time. Until they die
S o playful and make you laugh

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Categories: cat, friend, imagery,

Premium Member My Best Friend
*M* ichelle is my best friend
*I* have been friends with her many a year
*C* an have bunches of fun when I visit her
*H* elp her...

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Categories: friend, friendship,

F urry and soft, never a threat.
E ach cat that I have ever met,
L onging for pet.

I n each one I have found some quirk.

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Categories: cat,

The name Spring was already taken
Soon to be is Spring you see
Please breathe what last winter air there be 
Ring and do sing in tune with merry ole me and...

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Categories: beauty, cat, character, crazy,

A Cat
C- curious creatures,cute

a-active ,playing


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Categories: animal, cat, , cute,

Carry no a heavy load
A fore thoughtful note
Take care of your board

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Categories: cat,

Premium Member Splash Bang Reflection
Splash Bang Reflection

W ~ hen it has hit home with a big splash bang or silent reflection that time

E ~ lapses and fireworks are for...

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Categories: philosophy, song,

Premium Member ''Halloween Night''
Horrible monster roaming the streets . . .

Abhorrent beastly creatures deplorable 

Little kids in cute costumes holding daddy's hand

Laughing children running here and there

Orange pumpkins...

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Categories: halloween, , cute,

Vicious lies you spread around the village about me
I am unable to defend myself 
Can you live with what you have done
There are those who...

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Categories: absence, betrayal, love,

Being human
Being human can be so much fun,
Eating drinking and going for a run.
If we want something then we just talk,
Never have I heard that from...

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Categories: humanity,