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Acoustics Poems

Acoustics Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acoustics poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acoustics.

New Poems

That Same Ole Song
She watched him pluck the strings.
His fingers up and down the frets 
of her spine,
pulling out notes and moans
from deep within the cavity
of her hollowed-out chest.
Apollo’s golden lyre lulling the muses
beyond their sensibilities.
Grooves of passion causing a riff
and changing his...Read More
Categories: acoustics, guitar, music,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Red Pen
Red Pen

"All seemed lost, yet there was a way out for them",

"but how" ?

"to go to the one place they would least expect",

"and where is that" ?

"Within Of Course"

I had a dream the earth was wounded, yearning, in birth, tears...Read More
Categories: acoustics, dream, inspirational, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Fab Four

What great impact the Beatles had on popular music
Their influence on the pop scene reflected our moral fabric
The killing of John Lennon in 1980
Caused such grief, this horrific tragedy
Here's my salute to the Fab Four for providing such unparalleled acoustics

...Read More
Categories: acoustics, celebration,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member ACOUSTICS

Acoustics in this bistro
the thing you cannot see
how neighbour’s voices carry
that murmur in the background
what gives vibe to the place
its unique ambiance
the height of ceilings
the material voices bounce off
like the cavernous echo of rock
or cozy hush of brick
the secret je...Read More
Categories: acoustics, appreciation, senses, sound, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
I constrict and recoil from the bitterly cold wind
The sun so bright it hurts through the clear sky
Soft melancholy music bounces from the perfect acoustics
And I drink my despair ravenously as I cry
My winter's pain is almost too much today
Profound...Read More
Categories: acoustics, depression, winter,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Beautiful Fall -Acrostic
Birds flying away, scattering greyish skies
Ebullient landscapes changing with sunrise
Autumn arriving briskly with chilling air
Umbrellas opening yelling November beware
Trees undressing with full colors displaying
Illusive temperatures plummeting and staying
Falling leaves mastering paintings, Van Gogh
Underground creatures are sleeping below
Layered attire the welcoming...Read More
Categories: acoustics, autumn, environment, nature,
Form: Acrostic
The Flute
A stick of simple bamboo. .
A wood of no repute. 
Hollow, empty,  dull...
Deaf and mute.

Then..just a few holes they put..
and Oh!! it looked so cute.
Behold the brown bamboo..
It changed itself to a flute.

Fingers flowed..
Sliding the route so...Read More
Categories: acoustics, appreciation, creation, cute, devotion, love, music, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member NATURALLY
My prose my soul i hold my purpose
DisEnchanted. Discontented disheartened
Melancholy me naturally you think  that
We would have learned from previous

Mistakes  there're wars after wars after many
since  the dawn of time there are
Numbers  millions engulfed by sweeping...Read More
Categories: acoustics, angst, care, celebration, change, desire, earth, fire,
Form: Prose
Spilled Ink
i would love to speak how the others do
but even my theatre of thought is a man
on a soapbox louder, given better acoustics,
the angry man there to boom even over the other. 
while the bystanders focus on the fight i...Read More
Categories: acoustics, angst, anxiety, sad,
Form: Free verse
Writing Ghosts
Sometimes I can’t decide whether or not
these words are saving me,
or if I’m wasting my time -
circling around the same clogged drain. 
Damning myself with the filth of what I’m trying
so desperately to rid myself of. 
I finish a line-...Read More
Categories: acoustics, anxiety, depression, emotions, introspection, metaphor, spiritual, words,
Form: Free verse

Waiting For The Rain
Here, in this place, tonight-
we’re wrapped up in cosmic 
tendons, pulsing and threatening
to sway. To become slack like the ancient
piano strings Mozart left behind with 
God when he had his first dream 
of symphonies born in the heart of bursting
We’re...Read More
Categories: acoustics, deep, imagination, metaphor, psychological, space, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Opera Singer
"The Opera Singer"

“We’re all alone on the stage tonight”…
The acoustics in the empty room
were clear and light
the night was heavy
dripping wet and stormy
Operatic notes, flute, bassoon,
viola, violins, the strings
her mind, the tightrope she walks on
while she sings
then Contralto soft and...Read More
Categories: acoustics, beauty, imagery, love, ocean, romance, symbolism, woman,
Form: Free verse
Nocturnal Ensemble
          ...Read More
Categories: acoustics, animal, appreciation, insect, music, nature, night, rainforest,
Form: Shape
Premium Member The Noise
Suddenly a peculiar audible yet indescribable cacophony plays inside my head,
A thick constant racket of insectoid screams terrorizing me as I lay inside my bed. 

Here it is again, in its orchestrated cricketing song behind my dry retinitis, 
Sound bloodying...Read More
Categories: acoustics, anxiety, silence, sleep, sound,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member WILD IS THE WIND

Furious wind from the north hisses louder,
banging against the gaped mouth of  a sky, drenched…
 Haggard, the night wheezes with quack
 of birds waylaid; a time of  unruly rainfall
crashing once more: and  the moon grows bald,
 groaning...Read More
Categories: acoustics, howl, sound, wind,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Sonnet of Paranoid Sonance
Sitting in silence 'neath cellar ceilings,
Creeping creeks crack in corners' crevices,
Whose acoustics are brushing my feelings,
With suggestions in sounds of a presence.
"Who goes there?" I demand inside my head.
As movements pussyfoot in penumbral
Waves inside the curves of my open spread
Eyes....Read More
Categories: acoustics, fear, house, sound,
Form: Sonnet
Broken acoustics
off lies

...Read More
Categories: acoustics, betrayal, conflict, emotions, image, song, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
my parched eyes watch torrents of rain 
lashing the glass windows
of my chic office on the seventeenth floor
can't hear the tinkling of drops 
or rumbling of clouds though
the sound obscured by engineered acoustics

I shut my eyes and it comes singing...Read More
Categories: acoustics, rain,
Form: Free verse
Juliet, Thank You
Isn't it funny how much things change
Isn't it funny how much we crave the things
that never turn out right
like how for 11 years
we crave growing older, growing up
to finally realizing
there's these sets of rules and stupid handbooks 
we have to...Read More
Categories: acoustics, friendship,
Form: Free verse
The Golden Eagle
With a golden nape, that area on the neck’s rear,  
And a silent voice, excluding some chirps and stonks, 
Speaking only to young, or between two or some in flight, 
The golden eagle exudes those qualities that make humans...Read More
Categories: acoustics, beautiful, beauty, bird, creation, earth, mountains, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Tribute - But That's Beside the Point
I told myself I wouldn’t stress.
But it’s eight p.m. and I’m a mess
I really wanted to be profound
But I couldn’t decide what to write about
Something metaphorical? That’d require me to think
Insanity? I’m on the brink
I can assure you I had...Read More
Categories: acoustics, poetry, writing,
Form: I do not know?
Invincible King
Captivating rhythms and acoustics
Forged through repetitions of worlds creations
An unfathomable force ever in existence
Expressed in a singular performance

Living each day until your last to fulfil a talent
Although talent is never enough, you were defiant 
In you ‘We are the world,’...Read More
Categories: acoustics, hero, inspiration, love, music, obituary,
Form: Bio
the love and lost quartet - part three - over the years
hey danny, do you remember...

...dueling 'blind melon' acoustics
on your living room floor?
...falling asleep all afternoon
on the hammock, couch or floor?

...hanging out with yoko ono
at the lennon art show?
...painting murals in the school halls
they're still there, you know?

...our first-year anniversary
returning to...Read More
Categories: acoustics, break up, first love, goodbye, heartbroken, romance,
Form: Rhyme
federal court rooms are all wood
acoustics mastery - sound drops dead
no muffled conversations
the silence is palpable, tactile

I would be a witness
cooperating with the prosecutor
a case against my former colleague
I cried

what I lost in loyalty
conceding an acknowledgment of guilt
might improve my...Read More
Categories: acoustics, judgement, lost, rights,
Form: Free verse
Building your space,
you were dying daily
invading the acoustics.

How the continence
was going to help-
living with scars of explosions ?

Mutating into a full-fledged
saintliners, an inner conflict
becomes a profile.

Crawling to a stone
a crayon draws a cell
without incendiary rhetoric ?

Decoding an icon
becomes a daily...Read More
Categories: acoustics, art,
Form: ABC