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Abyss Poems

Abyss Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abyss poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abyss.

New Poems

Premium Member The Worst of Deaths
The saddest thing in life, some think is death,
for separation is a deep abyss.
No longer can one talk to loved one gone,
and lips still hunger of the lover's kiss

Yet sadder seems to be the death of love.
A life that's shared...Read More
Categories: abyss, dark, death, loss, love hurts,
Form: Sonnet

An herb used to calm an upset stomach,
Can also heal bodily stress and anxiety.
Yet for a certain troubled man who drives truck,
Grown bitter from life’s unfulfilled expectancy;

Who with corrupt seeds of waste sown does say,
“Decrease healthy interactions of relation’s conduct!”
Does...Read More
Categories: abyss, anxiety, depression, faith, friendship, stress,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member How Much Longer
My boredom stretches like a steel girder across the abyss
to wherever it is that boredom ends.
My dog wines his most insistent whine,
the one that says, “I’m bored too”.

The TV runs, background noise to the dog’s whine.
I sigh and wonder how...Read More
Categories: abyss, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
When I know I’m down and out,
When I feel sad and need to cry;
When the pains are intolerable,
Everything begins to go awry.

When I think about my lack of fortunes,
I realise the devil has the best tunes.

When darkness comes upon me,
While...Read More
Categories: abyss, emotions,
Form: Quatrain
When Darkness Died
I was asleep 
when darkness died
Radiant joy lit up my fertile dreams,
the famine tears 
all were purity dried

My corona eyes opened wide
within the quiet void
of slumber death similitude

I saw the stellar light of truth
kill that withering abyss of flowering lies
rooted...Read More
Categories: abyss, death, inspirational, life, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

one day i will laugh
one day i will laugh
lines draw on my face
thin lines like cracks in a cake of mud
though not deep, am carved
my cheeks rise to meet my eyes
as my lips lay thin in the dry greys 
an expression of great...Read More
Categories: abyss, bereavement, courage,
Form: Ode
Passionate Love

Will I find it 
when will I know 
Will I see it 
how will it glow 
Sitting here with patience 
wanting to know 
Glistening from the inside 
longing for the unknown 
Steaming with immense passion
as I’m falling behind...Read More
Categories: abyss, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Know
I Know

I am not afraid.
The list is very long, 
of positives and good things. 
There is no reason to fear.
That is the number one reason, 
not too. 
It is a waste of time, 
and possible energy, 
that would bring us...Read More
Categories: abyss, allah, america, angel, god, heaven, inspirational, religious,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tossed On the Tide - A Rattling Rhyme
On an azure expanse without prospect or sail
        the debris of my ship rent asunder from gale
            as I float, the last...Read More
Categories: abyss, adventure, appreciation, lost, nostalgia, ocean, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Disease Holds Her Hostage
She has never seen such a wildness
She laughs so loudly that people are looking
She had never laughed this loudly before
Her relatives began shushing her

But she is eighty-six years young
And this silliness tickled her funny bone
She cannot stop laughing at the...Read More
Categories: abyss, age,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Contagion, The Movie, Plays Out In Real Life
If you had told me in 2011 that the Steven Soderbergh movie, 
"Contagion," would one day play out in real life, I would've probably 
laughed at you. It seemed like Hollywood fiction nine years ago. 
Today, "Contagion" is literally playing...Read More
Categories: abyss, dark, encouraging, faith, fear, horror,
Form: Free verse
Wee Small Hours
Hobgoblin in the gutter under canopy of midnight, 
magic brew of muti without rein.
Shadow figure torchon, darting half-light dare.
Spine chilling  droplets wobble slowly down drains,
rusty copper mouthwash at the edge of jagged chutes. 
Eerie urban soundscapes frame a
sneeze ...Read More
Categories: abyss, courage, creation, dark, dedication, deep, imagery, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A Best Seed Of Love
My muse is here, seeds in my heart abyss
invokes a soul to wake and open up
a solid earth shall treasure such a bliss
and oceans are spared for me to grow up.

A best seed of Love, a soul, ever to grace
reaching...Read More
Categories: abyss, beauty, birth, blessing, dedication, deep, emotions, how
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member On Lemmings, Chickens and Things
On Lemmings, Chickens and Things

Across the Tundra Lemmings race
To the cliff then over the face.

The prevailing theory laments
That this is not mass hysteria
But miscalculated judgement
In migratory behavior.

And I watch my neighbors hoarding
Lest they should find themselves wanting.
Epitomes of ascendancy
Clipped to...Read More
Categories: abyss, allegory, humor, political, satire,
Form: Verse
An Alone Bard
I had no one to comfort me
While I was going through anxiety
The sun is setting upon my rage
I am released out of my wretched cage

Freefalling into the abyss
Falling short in helplessness
Hopelessly calling your name, for I feel blind
You burn on...Read More
Categories: abyss, anxiety, emotions, endurance,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member I'm The Jonah Who's Spread Corona
A poem about the Corona Virus?
Now that really should inspire us,
A poem about Covid Nineteen?
I guess we'd better keep it clean!
Let's nip one rumour in the bud:
You need not be of royal blood
To end up with a rasping throat
From coughing,...Read More
Categories: abyss, age, appreciation, death, endurance, food, scary,
Form: Light Verse
You are in the abyss of yesterday's delusions, seething.

Scrape the inside of my intellect, intimidate my thought.

Declare but don't confess

Attempt again to craft a future 
It is within nature
Better yet we write and sew unwittingly into every instance of reality...Read More
Categories: abyss, character, conflict, identity,
Form: Free verse
Chaim Nachman Bialik: On The Slaughter of the Jews
Holocaust Poem: "On The Slaughter of the Jews"
by Chaim Nachman Bialik
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Merciful heavens, have pity on me!
If there is a God approachable by men
as yet I have not found him—
Pray for me!

For my heart is dead,
prayers...Read More
Categories: abyss, bible, holocaust, horror, murder, racism, war, world
Form: Verse
The Atlanteans
The Atlantean’s : Bce
(South coast of Britain)

The old man stood on the shore and felt the morning chill cutting deeply into him , the sky was grey and mirrored the mood of the few survivors that had gathered , all...Read More
Categories: abyss, adventure, beach, dream,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Clown at the Abyss
Clown at the Abyss 

God’s fool!
Darkness condemned whispers into ears
  Of jeering streets lined with crowds
  Stabbing betrayal into Heaven’s blackened eye
Where packs of prowling unbelief
Demand another sign -
  One more cripple dancing
    One...Read More
Categories: abyss, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Walking Into Enlightenment
So many think about changing the whole world,
few think about changing their very selves.
Standing on the precipice, peer beyond.
Pierce your personal, privileged bubble.
View the vast vision across all beings.

In wonder, count the pedals of a flower.
Be amazed, probe a chambered...Read More
Categories: abyss, art, heart, love, nature, science, self, world,
Form: Free verse
I can feel my blood,

Gushing through my veins,
I have two beating hearts,
One to lose and one that pounds,
At the door of my skin,
A caged vulture in the jungle of my ribs,
For it wants to be lost,
With a jar of ashes...Read More
Categories: abyss, body, dark, deep, faith, gothic,
Form: Free verse
Strong-willed with the fearless, forgiving, and fervent heart from the sympathy-sought start
Turbulent, yet terrific as the storm of epic efflorescence that is vigilant in roving reassurance 
Robust and rough like radiant rocks on the ocean bed and beyond the shimmering,...Read More
Categories: abyss, strength,
Form: Acrostic
Lost in Havasu - a song dedicated to Shawn Mendes
I can’t take anymore of this…
I wish you had mercifulness…
Tension slits me like a knife…
All my life...all my life...all my life...

Don’t let go and stay close to me (I’m wanting you oh so badly)
I know I look like a disaster...Read More
Categories: abyss, deep, fear, hope, lost, lost love, passion,
Form: Lyric
Some say
Some say love comes softly and sweetly,
Like the spilling of ink it drip drip drips...
Until it carves out a place in your heart and tightly grips. 

Some say love comes unexpectedly, like a flash.
It burns brightly and can consume until...Read More
Categories: abyss, betrayal, grief, lost love, sorrow,
Form: Free verse