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Abrasion Poems

Abrasion Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abrasion poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abrasion.

New Poems

Premium Member Words Between

You will say something mundane
then a sudden potency
will scratch my skin.

I mention an ordinary thing
and you show me where 
my words
are fine silk or a brief abrasion.

An invisible tissue
connects a common language
into questing passions.

I imagine the tympanic bones
of our ears...Read More
Categories: abrasion, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Setting Sun Skims the Ocean
Setting sun skims the ocean,
providing an orange motion,
a blaze shimmering sky
with angel clouds floating by.

Fiery reflection a few feet from shore,
a dramatic image adds to the nautical lore
of sunset upstaging daylight's role,
overcoming it with its dusky sole.

Nearby a mighty rock...Read More
Categories: abrasion, nature, ocean, senses, sunset,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Good Grief
Good Grief
By: Miracle Man

Many have uttered these words on some occasion,
“Good Grief," cant that person do anything right?
An idiom that inflicts an unintended abrasion,
Just because It’s clever doesn’t diminish Its bite.
...Read More
Categories: abrasion, words,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Hummingbird Cake

"The Hummingbird Cake"

The day started bright -

Bright Eggshell Blue
and ended in percussion
dark and cloudy stormed in
thunder pummelled drums
against a backdrop of 
bruised eggshell dijon yellow
sweating heavy sage green
spitting spoilt the swollen pride of purple,
a wet abrasion against 
Electric Blue 
crackling...Read More
Categories: abrasion, freedom, psychological, romance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member YOU'RE MY BELOVED-
In the abrasion of my affections toward you 
And all the directions 
I come to you 
I'm fine to you you're my beloved

Captive chances
Spyro romances 
Captivating Universal Allure
Hoping lovingly 
It's you come running all the way back to me

I come...Read More
Categories: abrasion, analogy, desire, for her, i love you,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member BF's girl
BF’s Girl

Man is identified by behavior.
I say man and she demands an
Accounting.  The definitive correlative
Can not be spoken.  The constant common
Can not be held in union.  I must discourse
All caveats else no communion, no love.
What of it?...Read More
Categories: abrasion, conflict, corruption, love, power, prejudice, psychological, relationship,
Form: Sonnet

Strolling along the sandy beach
The tide is far and away
I cannot glance into the sky, so blue and bright that day

Lit upon the grainy sands
Sucking from below
Quenching the tiniest of thirsts, just along the row

My sandals left behind
For a lovely...Read More
Categories: abrasion, animal, beach, day, funny, insect, pain,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Son Also Rises

What is "love"? Consider ...

    Each biting lash of the ragged-toothed scourge,
 Skin, muscle and sinews flayed and discarded to dirt,
Each hematoma raised and bone broken,
 The shame of being stripped, spit upon, beaten, and cursed,
 ...Read More
Categories: abrasion, appreciation, christian, easter, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Scraping of Pain's Shovels
Scooping up my pain with these shovels as I try to write, 
          embracing all I lost in a life I never knew I deserved.
Keeping forgiveness and empathy in my clear...Read More
Categories: abrasion, grief, life,
Form: Rhyme
Methinks Mine Earlier Rhyme Came Across Desperate
Methinks Mine Earlier Rhyme Came Across Desperate...
For Hard Cold Cash

This small medium at large
kibitzer did appear
more brash (albeit) poetically,
and insinuate with soft pedal blare
perhaps at the expense of dare
ring to losing followers, this crash
test dummies star performer
did not mean to...Read More
Categories: abrasion, addiction, culture, green, heaven, joy, longing, passion,
Form: Bio

Premium Member Barrier Smears

I never wanted any barriers,
           or dark taintings and thick smears,
                   ...Read More
Categories: abrasion, angst, change, conflict, emotions, heartbroken, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
World Intoxication
This world's intoxication

is the provocation 

to ruin ones patience

shit is the fragrance

of our president who's ancient
I refuse to be complacent 

move people all around 

disrupted placement of immigration 

hate from our president I get the sensation

if there were no...Read More
Categories: abrasion, america, black african american, change, discrimination, freedom,
Form: Lyric
Call me crazy
I would rather be alone than left behind, to my own devices, to be uninvited. Dealing with the speculation, frustration, and the degradation, cuz he didn't think I could rise to the occasion. Rub someone the wrong way and cause...Read More
Categories: abrasion, appreciation, blessing, confidence, encouraging, growth, hope, rap,
Form: Lyric
Lost Words
Lost Words

It was only later
After seeing him hooked up to a ventilator

That I realized what he had said 
And a reflection came that I would later retread

For deep down inside I always knew
That my dad was there for me as...Read More
Categories: abrasion, appreciation, care, hero, pride,
Form: Rhyme
Annihilation besieges civilization
This generic creek king mortal mwm 
   (who generally river ears the bay sea gully feels ire ate 
asper propensity plundering positive human qualities 
   tested to the max), bait
ting virtue with rapacious opprobrious 
 ...Read More
Categories: abrasion, abuse, allegory, anger, cancer, conflict, evil,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Your Favorite Song -Ask The Lonely
Love crumbled, fading away from my hand
To disappear with the painful breath of time
The silence which loneliness did command
Filled a pit with dung which I had to climb
Emotional expanse welled up inside
To share its rush of memories once real
With a...Read More
Categories: abrasion, lonely, lost love,
Form: Sonnet

Through the abyss I fell,
 scarred with embers from hell,
 flames consumed,
 no escape,
 bound to be doomed,
 yet heart burning with faith,
 what can I sayeth,
 I had a prophetic vision,
 a new age will rise,
 God has...Read More
Categories: abrasion, deep, destiny, dream, faith, future, inspirational, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Paint Me an Ugly Duck
Awakened and degenerated, I feel I am clashing somewhere 
The clouds appear and then depart, just another face amongst billions  
Millions of colors of the rainbow at one point I thought I was rare    
Surprise, it...Read More
Categories: abrasion, art, depression, horror, loneliness, lost love, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member I Cracked The Cream Cheese Through Your Whine

I Cracked The Cream Cheese Through Your Whine

Wining And Dining    we savoured together and we still share five beautiful children sweet 
               ...Read More
Categories: abrasion, addiction,
Form: Free verse
Her Name passed my mind
Smiling like a toothless baby. 
Spreading happiness in hearts.
Touch her hand as she agreed. 
And talk imaginary memory.
Blushing like a female cat outcrop.
Abrasion lags like women in urine labour. 
Smile glowing like a bulb in darkness. 
What a beautiful women.
It’s...Read More
Categories: abrasion, beautiful, beauty, clothes, cool, dream, girl, love,
Form: Choka
The Corridor
The door swings open, to the furthest reach of its hinges
Air set alight by her presence, the crowd is drawn
Swinging her arms without a care, they are boundless
With steps that echo, evidently faultless and proud
Cutting swiftly through the waves, the...Read More
Categories: abrasion, character, freedom, humanity, identity, judgement, loneliness, school,
Form: Narrative
Just for me
No matter how surreptitious it seems
Let others think it as either habitual or only when grass is green

The gesture may look stupid
Like a strange demeanor when heart under attack by a cupid

Standing up for a cause against mob taken as...Read More
Categories: abrasion, confusion, dedication, happiness,
Form: Rhyme

                                       grizzling...Read More
Categories: abrasion, nature,
Form: Haiku

Higher and higher your adrenalin starts to mount.
The higher you get, the easier it is to count. 
Your heart starts to race, the beating is quick.
Not sure if its nausea, cause you feel very sick.

Down you go, your...Read More
Categories: abrasion, science fiction,
Form: Rhyme
The Flower -part one-
“A Flowers Wilt”	

Witness the small existence 
that abides the beauty of-----------
Freelancers all around,
Just to get a good look.

A baneful abrasion, the flower took
It captivates you -------------
Reels you, steals from you, 
Until you pick the right flawless touch.

Dandelions swaying thin,
Here...Read More
Categories: abrasion, art, beauty, birth, care, flower, nature, rose,
Form: Free verse