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Abnormality Poems

Abnormality Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abnormality poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abnormality.

New Poems

Before the change
My mind runs wild with fear
As i walk below a dark cloud
That follows me and interferes 
With my excitement of the change

And then coming into the light
The night passes
Light shines through
And tranquility befalls me

I mourn the leaving of my home,...Read More
Categories: abnormality, anxiety, devotion, extended metaphor, fear, storm, together,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Aberration

we depart 
from reality,
what fronts us,
are presently not
similar then what was
ere us, we now exist in a 
world of abnormality, it will be
so till the events that surround us
become sensical, hence the arrival of
normalcy has returned. A horse came up
to...Read More
Categories: abnormality, horse, muse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Introjection AN
‘We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are’
                           ...Read More
Categories: abnormality, sensual,
Form: Free verse
The Tempest
Swirling torment
Spinning in reverse
Riding waves of agony
Sick and perverse

Twisting and turning
Losing my sight
Grasping and holding
With all my might

Slowly losing grip
On love, life and sanity
Gasping for air
Drowning in my abnormality

Have I the strength
To stand and fight
Free myself from misery
And find again...Read More
Categories: abnormality, anxiety, confusion, depression, identity, mental illness, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE TIP OF GONE
Sunless octagonals slide right 
Burn the unimportant 
Powder its ashes carefully 
Stopping only when the task is done 
When fornever claims it ;

But what of your fears
Those secret torments that weaken you so ?

They are important 
Impossible to erase
Always there
Always...Read More
Categories: abnormality, angst, character, dark, deep, for teens, humanity,
Form: Free verse

Boss :: Folia

Doc, how you find our boss, inquired
office assistant anxiously;
I find him OK, though looks tired;
there is no abnormality.

But, boss this morning gave detailed
lecture how the office is messed;
Do not you feel, it has displayed
something abnormal, needs more rest.

Doc, think again...Read More
Categories: abnormality, funny,
Form: Verse
Sacred places are sacred to none 
Everybody’s evil
Wants what is forbidden 
Wants what was made and locked away 
Wants what is hidden 
Desires something more 
The things that should be undesirable 
The things with warnings on
Something dangerously dangerous 
Something that...Read More
Categories: abnormality, betrayal, child abuse, crazy, growth, life, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Ties That Bind, Scars That Hurt
Ties that bind, scars that hurt
Float around in my life
Shadows of isolation sprinkle my face
Blades of power hold my mouth
Words of silence cannot escape
The thunderous ploy of the heart
Ties that bind, scars that hurt remain strong

Hearts that bleed are hearts...Read More
Categories: abnormality, change, character, courage, love,
Form: Narrative
My sanity
My abnormality is to be normal.
Not feeling anything strong.
I don't want this real fake world.
It sucks to be here and feel empty.
I'm confused. I'm so tired. 
I want to reach my place full of feelings, imaginations, dreams and want to...Read More
Categories: abnormality, psychological,
Form: Free verse
I am normal.I drink beer.I drink whiskey;some call me a queer. I am normal ,and I am gay! I am normal ,and I am straight! I am normal ,and I am lesbian!I am normal ,and I am bi-sexual! I am...Read More
Categories: abnormality, 12th grade, adventure, america, anger, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Ballad

And life the abnormality
So low
gravitate to earth
So unhappy
at pretending to be happy
so sad
that i am sad for myself
Darkness oozes in my path
Blackened sky with black sun
The night rays darken the dark
Shadows dying in the shadows
Stealing love
Like its a crime
When do the words become...Read More
Categories: abnormality, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Call Me Back Later World
Pull myself from hell
Drag myself from heaven
The ecclesiastic devil may care
So high god cant see me
So hidden he doesn't know me
So far his powers cant reach
The single cell organism
has split his genes
Put the guns against my head
Pull the trigger
and before
Im...Read More
Categories: abnormality, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Abnormality
I, came to drooping scent of wine, 
touched beard and mustache, 
was blind in nearest shining of sun,
earthworm dug earth under feet,
I felt the coolness and heard giggling of slut, 
thought learned I'm only on these ladies eyes, 
kept ataxic...Read More
Categories: abnormality, addiction,
Form: Free verse
Not An Easy Way Out
Perhaps a part of my life is over
Thing is... never felt the other part had begun
Felt more... to have remained forever
No longer perhaps have I a place to run

I need to fall in love once more
Not with anyone but with...Read More
Categories: abnormality, life,
Form: Rhyme

ills of academic hordes sought... 
  sought to lampoon the rest of us 
 into robotic construct 

notable exploits… wings of creativity, 
 via abnormal 
certainty of hordes unquizzed, 
  fore they conceal 

wee hours of...Read More
Categories: abnormality, conflict, confusion, introspection, psychological,
Form: Blank verse
Spring sunshine false security.
New life weak, lacks impunity!
Relying on instinct, not ingenuity!
Weather lacking continuity!
Fickle, tantamount to cruelty!

Naturalist blame human lunacy,
some agree with their importunity
Some folks, if given the opportunity,
would form a world community.
To stop our polluting abnormality.

Their key for all,...Read More
Categories: abnormality, nature, pollution, spring,
Form: Monorhyme
Queen Bilqis Devastating Beauty
Queen Bilqis, flaunting tenacious catastrophic beauty,
A lady which appeared seductively mesmerizing, for hypnotizing prey with pleasurable eradication,
Advocating lascivious submissiveness upon men,
Attraction outlining her elegant physique; manufacturing desirable sin.

The mastermind of Insidious phantasy,
Evil cloaked beneath velvety sweet coco flesh,
Blessing delusional demise...Read More
Categories: abnormality, myth, mythology,
Form: Narrative
Queen Bilqis Devastating Beauty

Queen Bilqis, flaunting tenacious catastrophic beauty,
A lady which appeared seductively mesmerizing, for hypnotizing prey with pleasurable eradication,
Advocating lascivious submissiveness upon men,
Attraction outlining her elegant physique; manufacturing desirable sin.

The mastermind of Insidious phantasy,
Evil cloaked beneath velvety sweet coco flesh,
Blessing delusional demise upon eager...Read More
Categories: abnormality, beauty, dark, myth, mythology,
Form: Epic
Being normal is abnormality
Being normal is not normal
But being abnormal is normal
take a baby and study it
take a grown up and study him
in their natural setting it is natural
they are abnormal;
in artificial they are normal
do you understand this?
not supposed to
because human capacity is...Read More
Categories: abnormality, confusion, humanity, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
dip me in a sea with no sharks
I’m so acclimated to this
that I don’t see how it looks from 
the outside
looking in
i’m told that this is not right
this is not normal
this is not natural
this is
But it doesn’t even bother me as much as it should
I’ve grown with...Read More
Categories: abnormality, abuse, child abuse,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Hearts that bleed
Shadows of comfort sprinkle my face
Blades of power hold my mouth
Words of silence can’t escape
The thunderous ploy of the heart
My love for her was a journey
Starting at forever and ending at never!

Hearts that bleed are hearts that feed off the...Read More
Categories: abnormality, love,
Form: Light Verse
The 52 Hertz Whale
A special little whale,
Born in the dark depths of the ocean.
An abnormality, random variable, first of its kind.

A soft blue blob,
Looking for a home.
Warm ocean currents with the softness of spring
The blooming corals of youth
The merpeople proposing with blinding seashells
The...Read More
Categories: abnormality, hope,
Form: Free verse
Muted Compromise
There's this muted compromise I have with myself. Every time I feel like burying my pen, words rise up again. I go back years later and read something I had written, and will  swear those words did not come...Read More
Categories: abnormality, self, writing,
Form: Prose
Indigenous Feel of Peaceful Love
Indigenous feel of peaceful love Interferencing touch of skin 
 There has been no where better I have been 
So empowered , clean , free 
  Often like Im at ease , drinking a tea , 

With stream ,...Read More
Categories: abnormality, art, feelings, for him, sweet,
Form: Free verse
Southern demons
I heard em laugh at me but yet I held my tongue
Like snakes they crawl not knowing where they're from

You can see it in their eyes I'm glad I left that place 
Demons in disguise an aweful evil race 

But...Read More
Categories: abnormality, absence,
Form: ABC