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Word Play Abc Poems

These Word Play Abc poems are examples of poetry about Word Play Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Word Play poems written by international poets.

time standing still
time is standing still
this treacherous silence makes me ill
my dreams are bleeding visions from the master of divisions
if i knelt I'm slave risen a slave...

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Categories: art, confusion, deep, faith,

Premium Member Jubilantly Jiving Juicy
An aliveness announcing angels,
Beyond beautiful bliss,
Clarifying clearly 
Disastrously dynamic diminished-hexaverses,
Eagerly, enthusiastically
Finding fanatical futuristic free-verse 
Gyrations guzzling
Haphazardly, happy haiku
Illustrating Images
Jubilantly jiving, juicy
Kindred kindness
Luxuriously languishing
Mystically, magically, memorably

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member A THREE WORD POEM

A Three Word Poem Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Bobby May...

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Categories: word play, words,

Premium Member A THREE WORD POEM


submitted on February 19, 2019, for contest A THREE WORD POEM sponsored by BOBBY MAY  -  RANKED 2ND...

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Categories: fun, silly, uplifting, word

Love will get you killed young blood 
I didn't have the bread I wish you would have waited 
I guess it's okay you were a...

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Categories: betrayal, break up, crazy,

Insomnia Sonogram
agape gave grave to age
bent not to burdens born
cleave verily the leaves of life
distilled stilled styled reviled
entry net try and try
filigree reeds figure loosely
grave gave...

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Categories: allegory, assonance, birth, death,

Zinc Adulating

Abominable holiday season greeting to the have-nots me and you
Bombshell tabloid sleigh bells got those ear holes ringing
Cut the tax gift wrap ribbon, only good...

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Categories: metaphor, parody, slam, word

One night stand
I really wanted that cookie,I put my hand in that jar

She got them big melons, Makes her look like a star

She's tall and slim with...

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Categories: addiction, candy, desire, sensual,

Horse racing
She opened her legs then hopped up on it

She gripped it tight then sat down on it

He started to move so she began to ride...

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Categories: hilarious, horse, metaphor, race,


Aficionado of ageless apparel
Blushing barmaid beauty in blue
Captivating chatty confidente
Damsel dabbling in deception
T’was opening night at the downtown bar

Absurd amorous allusions
Barefoot breathless ballerina
Charismatic celestial cachet

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Categories: night, word play,

Word Play
The definition of infidelity means, marital disloyalty; Adultery.
Meeting someone on a dating sight, while married to your wife, that is disloyalty.
Posting your divorced, and raising...

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Categories: betrayal, divorce, mother daughter,

Luck Luck Luck
Luck, what is Luck anyway?
Is it a thing or a myth?
How to get it? Grab it ?
Why can't it stay forever?

Luck doesn't fall down like...

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© Su Le  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: desire, perspective, poetry, silly,


Bobo               going...

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Categories: humor,

Fight Goliath
Hold it jumping knife
Lead me now 
Off pride quality resembling stationary trains 
Under velvet willows 
xylem yields Zephaniah 
Angelic baritone can decorate 
Everything from giants...

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Categories: fun, word play,

In the beginning there was logos
Said Heraclitus!
In the beginning there was word
Said the Bible!
Sticks and stones 
Or words said
The sadistic torturers of all times!
When words...

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Categories: allusion, appreciation, beauty, word

True Father Name and Savior
So many year have we been lost so many time have we worship the wrong God we get on our knees and pray to a...

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Categories: forgiveness, i am, religion,

I appreciate criticism love to hear your thoughts/ enlightenment can't be bought/ your words can be the net to the pimped butterfly that is too...

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Categories: word play, words, work,

Sensual Awakening
Awakened by consuming desire-electrifying fusion,

gently hugged, intensely jubilant!

Knowing lips moisten, now our passion quickens -


Volcanic waves x-ray your zenith…

23 September 2015
Charlotte Puddifoot's Sensual ABCs Contest...

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© KP Nunez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: metaphor, sensual, word play,

amuck - adverb.flailing in all directions, about, around - His ideas ran amuck.

brang – verb, past tense.bring – You ring, you rang, I bring, I...

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Categories: hilarious, humor, humorous, word

A Slumbered Word Turns Gold
  These voices, these retched voices try to lay claim. This brings out his true nature, which lays waist to the brought insanity. Pen...

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Categories: blessing, freedom, happy, identity,