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Time Abc Poems

These Time Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Time. These are the best examples of Abc Time poems written by international poets.

Not long now
Head shaved to
floods of tears 
Been told months
Pray for years 
Don't know what's in store for me
Cross my fingers and wait and see

Had a visit...

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Categories: funeral, goodbye, health,

a dream hope to reach my time each day come closer  some may not believe but know faith will protect me like a sleeve...

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Categories: absence, adventure, angel, anger,

Ways to overcome
Don't stop thinking, keep thinking.
Till you reach a true way.
Don't stop dreaming, keep dreaming.
Till your dream come true.

Dead body never think or dream at all.

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Categories: future,

Future is on your hands
Time will never being anything side.
To disrespect time is to disrespect future as well.
If it is altanate to reach a future destination, everyone will being...

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Categories: education,

By Edward Egbelo

I was just about to pick my bag from the dusty floor she threw it when she screamed “Eddie where are...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, africa,

Forget about the hurt i hold, is what i tell myself.
Confine it to a deep dark place meticulously hidden on a shelf.
Laughter and jokes, is...

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Categories: character,

Abrims Life in a Cave in the Lore Hills

Abrim lived in a dark cave somewhere in the Lore Hills.
It was quite warm mostly but sometimes he got the chills.
So he dug a fire...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Fire Earth Water Air

All are born in blessed Fire as was the world,
Two wishes mesh  and the ballet dancer is hurled. 
Thrown into an unknowable bleakness of...

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Categories: 10th grade,

ache and distance
do you dream about me 
she asked 
you should be asking 
do i ever wake up from 
your presence 
i answered
and what's a man in...

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Categories: absence, cute, deep, devotion,

Dear Baby Caterina

My dear baby girl, asleep in your sacred keep,
Worry not, my little one,
Be at peace, my dearest, stay protected and sleep,
For my life, now, is...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The Pain That Follows
Poem : The Pain That Follows
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones-Holmes

It's like I never get away,
I'm stuck in the same place
Going in circles
Trying to find my way...

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Categories: blue, pain,

Homemade Stew
A stuffy nose leads to runny nose, frozen toes and thick as jelly mucus
sitting in your chest not allowing you to rest, mucus really sucks...

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Categories: encouraging, work,

You are my true love
The day  i started know meaning of love,
Is the day i begun to recognised that am not completed.
That day i could able discover that...

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Categories: true love,

a personal tomorrow
when tomorrow
that never comes come 
when I witness
my kingdom come
when everyone
really worships his hidden chip
when you look
back how insane was the trip
when you realize
that believin...

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Categories: allegory, creation, culture, history,

It was a run of trains,walking on the rail way  tracks without the prior to reach home..
    Ohhh!! I was lost,

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Categories: poems,

It Took Over Me
Poem: It Took Over Me 
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones 
True Events 

I’m in the dark place
Up can’t sleep
To many thoughts going through my head 

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Categories: anger, anxiety, dark, depression,

My Dying Choice I Live In Regret
To my unborn child, I'm so SORRY
I can't stop this pain, it's a non-stop debate of how it all would be

Painted images and thoughts constantly...

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Categories: abortion, death, heartbroken, how

Good Night Sweet Dreams
in memory of Ellie M. Jenkins

We said good night for a spell, 
As you start your journey onward,
And the darkness soon fell,
Then the moon soon...

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Categories: grief, love, memory,

Days like this
i write for days like this, when the wind blows in the opposite direction and tables turn to face me, i write for days when...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, art, deep,

My Love
Time has flown away without the glimpse of your smile,A day of tons is like a day of Nothing Without that glaze from you.It feels...

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Categories: hope, i miss you,