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Time Abc Poems

These Time Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Time. These are the best examples of Abc Time poems written by international poets.

Balance Lost
There is not enough time in the day for us 
to understand what we need to
together under one roof we lie and wait
wanton thoughts becomes...

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Categories: confusion, horror,

Un break My Heart
I live and I breath one day at a time
I will recover, get back to my prime
I live each day alright just fine
On a scale...

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Categories: feelings, first love, heartbreak,

Time Wasted
Time Wasted
Time kept on slipping, just under our feet, what would you consider life, the win or defeat? Moments often wasted never tasted so sweet,...

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Categories: change, destiny, history, inspiration,

Second Time
When I first saw you, I fell at once.
Knowing this was the second time I have fell in love. 

The second time I watched my...

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Categories: love,

When I was thirteen years young, I filleted my upper right thigh.
47 times.
In one night.
In one hour.
I wrote suicide notes,
Every night. 
I folded them up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, depression, history,

All Alone
Hello everyone, welcome to the show,
I will tell you everything that you wanna know,
Follow me get ready here we go,
I'll tell you why I'm down...

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Categories: break up, desire, devotion,


If you had only that much time to make a change, just 5 minutes, seemed so little yet it’s a lot.

Think about it,...

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Categories: analogy,

I am greater than I was
Joy and smiles characterized the atmosphere to meet my arrival.
Given an identity and welcomed with a bitter and a soft taste.
Deaf to the excitement around...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, birth,

Live Life Strong
I live each day a minute at a time
Praying everything will be just fine
As long as I'm not at the end of the line
I work...

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Categories: family, happiness, love, me,

Want to know and how
My heart wants to know 
Why I desire your name 
Since the time I have seen you 
I have lost all patience in vain
I want...

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Categories: 6th grade, best friend,

My heart is popping
    My bones are breaking
    My skin is burning
    My brain is spinning

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Categories: africa, age, anger, anxiety,

Not Gods Plan
Who are we? Do we know?
Lost in time as we climb
Through history to make our mark in this life.
We pretend that we are the masters...

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Categories: religion,

when I first met u
When i first met u
 I felt like i had know u forever
 Telling u my secrets what i didn't want ever
 & we could...

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Categories: 12th grade, boyfriend, creation,

By Parizo Van Thulare 

In this world i live in 
I have you to keep .
Out of these souls I've met 
You still the one...

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Categories: brother, love,

Insight of my story
He used to let me cut. I almost died in hospital and he left for his girlfriend who always came first. If cry so many...

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Categories: depression,

The gathered clouds of my life and the heavy drops of my memories have drenched me with reminiscing
The battle between my past and present collide...

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Categories: africa, age, anxiety, beauty,

A Family That Gained Peace
Long time ago; in an African land
In a house whose walls with fine flannelette sheets
Whose roof was well made
A house whose floor was well tiled

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Categories: africa, character, conflict,

Come To Me
Come To Me.

I am here, you are there.

When I am there, you are not here.

I search everywhere to have you here.

I want you here, can...

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Categories: anxiety, crush,

Let me give you the game
Let me tell you this story
Let me acknowledge the one
Who gets all ThE glory(glory)
Let me tell you the truth
Lets reach...

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Categories: art,

When we first met you said I don't talk
Your explosive talks hindered me to
Though I wasn't as eloquent as you were,you took my nervers
But time...

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Categories: break up, love hurts,