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Sun Abc Poems

These Sun Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Sun. These are the best examples of Abc Sun poems written by international poets.


A life full of mysteries and surprises
A life where daybreak doesn't guarantee sunshine
The priests places the sacrifice at his shrine
But bcos the...

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Categories: creation, death, life,

'Til Forever
My heart wrote a song
I wanted to sing for you
But a cold wind came
And blew the notes through

So your soul didn't hear
What mine wanted to...

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Categories: loss, lost love, pain,

good day
sun day therefore monday is tomorrow
work is love made 

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Categories: 1st grade,

If I Wish Harder
Dreaming of a butterfly
Experiencing flight
Flying from flower to flower
Greeting the hot sun
Wishing I was a caterpillar still...

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Categories: feelings,

children of war
close your eyes my doll 
don't want you to see what it  has become
don't want you to see what they've done 
don't want you...

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Categories: child abuse, children, heartbroken,

statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene...

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Categories: art, culture, emotions, imagination,

The lady who liked mangos
Down by Hope Street where the frangipanis bask,
And the Goddess of Love has put up her tent,
Lives a lady with fire in her eyes and...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The Miracle
Let me sleep now, with the blue bells in flower,
I would like to rest with beauty in my eyes,
All their subtle sweetness will never sour,

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Categories: 10th grade,

I'm Through With You
Dizzy from the pain girl
You should be used to this by now
Every time you fall in love 
You just end up falling down

Picking up the...

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Categories: break up, flying, love

Til Forever
My heart wrote a song
I wanted to sing for you
But a cold wind came
And blew the notes through

So your soul didn't hear
What mine wanted to...

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Categories: longing, lost love, song,


The winds howl and the rivers run, life exists under the burning sun.

The animals call this their home,there’s miles and miles for them to roam.


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Categories: nature,

my days
i glimpse my days as they row by
to the corner of my eye
the race for identity
the mirage of divinity
visions and sights
a dark fear of light...

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Categories: art, deep, fate, inspiration,

Like You
I use to dream of someone just like you,
To hold me tight, and see me through.
To love my eyes, and to love my smile,
And when...

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Categories: deep, love,

Suffering in Silence
The sun had been courteously shining,
But disappeared progressively.
The clouds became dark and rushing;
I heard several thunderous thunders.

Small and scattered drops of rain started falling.
Then, it...

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Categories: break up, character, confusion,

My Only Wish
A wish in the sky.
Between the sun and the stars.
Carried by the wind during light.
Drowned in the silence of the night.
Every child wants
For their parents...

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Categories: parents, sad,

The Seagulls over Rose Bay dont like Wine
It was late afternoon in September,
Stephen laid a blanket on the grass and opened a bottle of Pinot Noir,
He did this every year on the...

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Categories: 10th grade,

love so far
the love I feel for her 
Is a love so great 
shes so far but our love 
is a picture to paint 
a story of...

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Categories: april, courage, crazy, flower,

I am greater than I was
Joy and smiles characterized the atmosphere to meet my arrival.
Given an identity and welcomed with a bitter and a soft taste.
Deaf to the excitement around...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, birth,

Self Worth

she danced in 
a field of enlightenment
while the sun complimented her skin,
blending in with the flowers
swaying in the wind

she had a smile that 
brighten the...

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Categories: art, beauty, care, confidence,

It wasn't just me
My head was spinning 
Going round and round 
I wanted to run away and never be found 
I used to cry 
People would ask but...

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Categories: depression,