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Science Abc Poems

These Science Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Science. These are the best examples of Abc Science poems written by international poets.

Women ,The Real Warriors
Being a Woman,is always a feel of pride!
As i write this statement too,,, It’s a goose bump moment !!
Despite all the challenges,trauma, that she faces...

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Categories: appreciation, woman, women,

Random thoughts of I as a student
Science, mathematics, history and geography…all are the subjects of my school
Education is vital for all
Random thoughts in my mind
Penning them down by my side
The most...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

the unknown beauty
some where there are colors we've never set eyes on yet .
some where there's the love we always cried for but never felt  yet...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, angel, beautiful,

some where there are colors we've never set eyes on yet .
some where there's the love we always cried for but never felt  yet...

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Categories: art, color, creation, culture,

Premium Member The Wispier of Sound
Without sound there is no poetry
Without sound we could not exist
Sound can see and we call it ultra sound
Sound can kill and sound can heal

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: science, sound,

A bad dream
A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,
When he...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

My lovely teachers
For the first time
When I was leaving my mother's hand
Obviously I was crying
But after a minute end
Another one tackle my hand
Obviously I was filled with...

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Categories: blessing, teacher, teachers day,

Can I take about 60 seconds to tell you how amazing you really are? 
Would you mind? 
Well you see.. 
It's not that simple, 

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Categories: beautiful, friend, heart, passion,

All the photos of me smiling 
All the videos of me exploring 
It's all just an imaginary world that I allow you to see 

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Categories: fantasy, identity, imagination, meaningful,

Waking at the mid night and finding an unknown person besides you.
Closing your eyes and seeing the face you hate the most.
Walking in the Terrance...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, confusion, imagination,

Malevolent Creations
Embryonic cells, part of bio-technology experiments
Failed becoming gnarled and mangled
They are warped and deformed
Looking like they came from a nightmare
Freaks of processed nature
Sadistic scientist seeing...

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Categories: evil, fantasy,

We've Got Issues Too, A Masked Rant
Why do you act like you own me,
be careful,
confidence is an unequal attitude you know,
it can turn you into a violent creature,
questioning not authority, nor...

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Categories: confidence, conflict, confusion,

Robotics Education
Robots, robots everywhere
Smell of machines covering the fragrance of nature
Up, down, left, right commands given 
Kill your heart, kill your creativity ordering people

White, white walls

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Categories: education,

Point of Black
Black, empty, cold and dark
What are you then if not a spark
Of life exists in you,
You pointless mass of infinity?

I don’t see you, yet I...

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Categories: science,

Human In The Universe
Ever rounding
And ever full
With beings, objects
For each and all the subjects,

So vast, so large
Puzzled to measure
Immeasurable dimension
Creator is on its succession,

Some say this
And some say...

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Categories: men, world, universe,


I have grown, I have matured
My interests have changed, my mind has explored
I have felt, I have seen, I have touched and I have...

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Categories: change,

Nothing like Maths
A subject like it,
can make everyone's brain fit.

Its difficult though,
if eager to learn,
would perform in a good flow.

Addition, Subtraction, Algebra,
How to perform it?
A simple but...

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Categories: school, student,

The Divine Niche
The serene sound of the hymning bell,
The aromatic smoke casting a magical spell,
The ambiance always wishes us well,
Because its you in our heart who dwells,

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Categories: courage, hope, science,

The city gets bright.
Will ivory moon plummet
into frothing sea?
Death is but a path,
stars collapse
universes shrink daily,
the Earth is in the center, 
then there are these...

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Categories: science, universe,


Since ages, this has been a source of  victory,
  as well as failure.

Every one posses it but a few utilise it wisely, ...

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© mili mili  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: poetry,