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Jealousy Abc Poems

These Jealousy Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Jealousy. These are the best examples of Abc Jealousy poems written by international poets.

A never ending cycle of pain, Broken hearts, and blurry thoughts Choking on words, Dreading the butterflies that appear when you see him Embarrassed by...

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Categories: cry, deep, heartbroken, jealousy,

My heart is popping
    My bones are breaking
    My skin is burning
    My brain is spinning

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Categories: africa, age, anger, anxiety,

My loudest feelings
My Loudest Feelings 

It pricks my pores
Makes me red like glowing charcoal.
My tear glands could not stop reminding me of its nature.

That feeling I thought...

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Categories: depression,

By Paris Thulare 

It grows at home 
It Affects the other part of the family as whole
As dull as bread mould 
They catch the Cold


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Categories: anger,

Starting Today
(Moses Gava Featuring Kudakwashe Victor Shoko)

Neither did it start yesterday
Nor yesteryear
A scroll further backward
Deep into the historical era 
I could see him crawling 
During those...

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© Moses Gava  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: retirement,

Be America Again
Free from Independence of ignorance of hatred and the jealousy of ignorance of others to change the world. We have to open one's heart to...

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Categories: racism,

My Enemy Is Jealousy
You are a spirit being,
feeding on people's desires.
making the wicked stronger,
and spreading it like fire.

You are a person
that wants what the other has,
you want to...

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Categories: dark, evil, jealousy,

Who really wins
While watching the Oscars
I sit here and I think
They all look so fancy 
In their tuxes and minks

These actors who make millions
Playing someone they're not

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Categories: jealousy,

My pretty little Psycho
She came to me like a dream
Temptation filled my head
Fluttering, stuttering all around
She told me I’m all yours
She has feminine beauty and a gorgeous feeling

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Categories: love, lust,

Realities Story Part1
Time to write these hits.
Get these grits.
No time to sit.
Claiming the crown.
Haters dismissed.
Have the crowd jumping
 and having a fit.
Created to do this.
Always knew it.

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Categories: america, anxiety, art, betrayal,

“We scream and shout like it’s a war, you punch, and I kick, both spitting blood into the sink” “I look into the mirror, not...

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© Meg Cook  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, anger, jealousy, lonely,

At times, life's dares can be very tough
Betwixt our  existence and His plans
Circumtances may arise anytime
Doubts in our faith are at stake
Everything seems so...

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Categories: fate, hope, life,


Auspicious birth!


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Categories: anger, jealousy,

Night of shame
Shut down all doors
Close all windows
And sit down when i narrate

When i narrate the hurts of my heart
The troubles of a desire
A desire with no...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, break up,

His 27th of December
See his friend’s sketch
Appear when she was bored
That blue collared jacket
Fits perfectly on his bod

Glasses and smiles
And giggles and laughs
Painted in adorable colors
And named with...

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Categories: december, feelings, for him,

For one day-
For one day upon this

beautiful green-blue earth- 

let's not speak of any


Prejudices or wars- 

let's stop for one day

and not move our mouths so...

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Categories: earth,

Women walk
As u smile with a  light shining a mile out. As  the light Brightens  the night. Sky to were u even able...

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Categories: beauty, crush, devotion, happy,

Either you are running from yourself
Or you are chasing something else
or you are stuck up in a shelve
Nobody hears when you shout
Or at the top,

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Categories: christian,

Lionel Derbyshire

O scratchy ear 
You itch 
Is someone near ?
I am just sitting down
Looking at a tile 
Which is plastered down.
On an empty soul.
I have...

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Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal,

Ultimate Bad Friends
They demean your value and destroy your image,
utter wild cries like creatures in pain,
their expressions change with the rapidity of a kaleidoscope,
faces change with each...

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Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal,