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Happiness Abc Poems

These Happiness Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Abc Happiness poems written by international poets.

As I reflect on my past and remember things that happened over the years
I often stop and think about the problems I caused. I can...

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Categories: christian, death, emotions, growing

Premium Member ABC Poem for Fun II
An awful aardvark ate anchovies against all advice.
Besides belching beyond belief, he bit bitter banana boats.
Charlie Chimp cackled curiously, convinced
Delicious delectable desserts did damage.

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

               THE INNOCENT HEART ? 


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Categories: abuse, anger, emotions, heartbroken,

black hearts
Black hearts 
Hearts decaying in plain sight, I know that you would never notice that I stopped breathing. Internally screaming just waiting to find a...

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Categories: depression, lost, pain, suicide,

Thank You Note
I thought I could live alone till you showed up 
Showing up to give my life the support it needed
Need became an understatement when u...

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Categories: allah, appreciation, birthday, forgiveness,

H - Hound
Hanging his head, he holds her heart in hand
Her hourglass hexed by his happiness
Huddled over in hesitation he hands it back, too hard-headed to be...

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Categories: anger, conflict, hate, heartbreak,


Let not my spring go dry
Let not my sunshine set at dawn
Let not my joy fade at its peak
And my candle...

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Categories: beautiful, boyfriend, care, cute

This is your love
This is your love.
Whos is with me.
Now my all happiness,
You have only.
Even on my lips,
It's just your name.
One of my life,
you're only one halt.
This is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

to forget anxiety
A feeling of being lost
Begins to spread all over me
Can I understand that this is not meant to be
Did I ever feel any different
Extraction after...

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Categories: 12th grade, analogy, angst,

Am the world I am your world
Thy heart is thy soul I am also.
I am also tears, happiness,and identity.
Your pauser in your mind that walks in your mind.happiness
I am your only...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

maybe we don't have to prove anything for anyone 
maybe our scars are nothing but our true shield 
we survived the battlefield 
maybe life is...

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Categories: absence, art, beautiful, care,

I am greater than I was
Joy and smiles characterized the atmosphere to meet my arrival.
Given an identity and welcomed with a bitter and a soft taste.
Deaf to the excitement around...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, birth,

Live Life Strong
I live each day a minute at a time
Praying everything will be just fine
As long as I'm not at the end of the line
I work...

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Categories: family, happiness, love, me,

Cannnot Please Everybody
Some people are happy to others happiness and progress
Most people are happier too see and to know other people’s sorrow and failure.
They tell you stories...

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Categories: betrayal, grief, mental illness,

Never give up
Never give up no matter how hard life is always stand up..
Regrets won't help who knows one day you will be up..
People will think they...

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Categories: adventure, africa, anger, beautiful,

We Died Yesterday

Like an ox pulling a wagon
Sweating and breathing
Moaning at the load behind
Is our minds, tired and wasted

We believe in making a better tomorrow

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Categories: africa, betrayal,

Happiness awaits, in the heaven's above.
Through those pearly gates;
   Our Father awaits.
We are always loved, from our Father above!
 He knows who we...

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Categories: bible, celebration, death, father,

A winters heart
A crispy fire goes out
A heart as cold as a stone
A head as bitter as ice
Hands trembling and legs weeping

People struggling to gain warmth
People begging...

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Categories: childhood, children, community, history,

Imagine this
Imagine one day everything's fine
Next day you're in a psychward with a completely differen't mind
No one looks at you the same, not worth anyones time


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Categories: addiction, anger, anxiety, conflict,

Flowers and Powers

I used to ignore flowers. It is unmanly to love each one.
They stand like medals given to valiant soldiers for what they’ve done.
 But I...

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Categories: 10th grade,