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Devotion Abc Poems

These Devotion Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Devotion. These are the best examples of Abc Devotion poems written by international poets.

A Mother's Love
Her love is sometimes hard to explain
Type of love that strives to treat everyone the same
Her love is there no matter the problem
Doing whatever it...

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Categories: beautiful, care, children, dedication,

ache and distance
do you dream about me 
she asked 
you should be asking 
do i ever wake up from 
your presence 
i answered
and what's a man in...

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Categories: absence, cute, deep, devotion,

wild love horses
wild horses
they sleep stranding
but no one understanding
when two wild ones love
they meet up each night
two bodies 
one sky
one bed
one blanket
two heads
one cloud
four eyes
one hungry stare

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Categories: animal, art, beautiful, devotion,

his dream
she woke up in his dream
she woke up his dream 
she whispered I'm real
she introduced herself
to his feel
what's future but a
postponed memory
he sighed and if...

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Categories: art, devotion, dream, heart,

soul love
the soul rose above  the lust of the body 
the soul is neither masculine nor feminine 
they all love the spiritual violin 
the mind...

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Categories: art, beauty, desire, devotion,

Abiding in God’s will, let’s serve the Lord with joy

Beautified through His grace to minister along gladness-glow

Cheered up midst Scriptures’ truth, smiting hypocrisy and deceit...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Growing Amid Thorns
Timely, a rapid germ enters a rich soil,
Grows into a plantlet all green to admire.
Enraged thorns obstruct its growing tall.
Old it will grow, no matter...

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Categories: anxiety, confidence, devotion, hope,

Why Change
The earth has changed
My attitude has changed
War has begun
Life is bent
Guns are used to pay rent
Slaying is on the rise
Money aint the same
Verbally I express...

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Categories: absence, analogy, appreciation, celebration,

Acknowledge the call of God through His Word* … always almighty

Believe the beckoning voice of the Saviour … beauteously blessed

Cherish the command of the Supreme...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

Day One

Finally the voice of opening an account won
Why? You'd ask
Everyday I sit in front of my monitor
I am bleeding
I am hiding
I am running
I found my...

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Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, deep,

Spoken And Or Written Words
Spoken And/Or Written Words

Time gone by e'er since being quiet natured boy,
more so nowadays declare exhausting countless
hours expending, extolling, and exuding prufuse
joy, no surprise, asper...

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,

Amazing spiritual fruitfulness* awaits as we abide always in God

Being fervently prayerful, delighting in His presence… 

Compassionately having a heart for His work…

Diligently laboring for...

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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith,

A beautiful Mind
You left me a beautiful mind
Because you were so kind
Now I love to see a flower
To sit and dream for an hour

You left me with...

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Categories: confidence, devotion, for him,


A father is someone who holds us dear, under a watchful eye he keeps us near.
He protects us from harm and banishes fear and makes...

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Categories: devotion, father,

Premium Member D - Dig
Dragged through the dirt; your defender
You once deemed me a dependent, now demeaned and discarded despite I delivered
Disposed of; drowning in your ditch detaining the...

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Categories: conflict, depression, emotions, feelings,

what's a dream without a dreamer
don't live for a cause
be the one who the cause lives by
what's a path without a finder
what's value if it's...

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Categories: destiny, devotion, dream, fantasy,

All Alone
Hello everyone, welcome to the show,
I will tell you everything that you wanna know,
Follow me get ready here we go,
I'll tell you why I'm down...

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Categories: break up, desire, devotion,

between two hearts
At crossroads I am met
disguised behind a mask.
A gambler would bet
I shall not beat the task.
For I am torn in two
beaten to a point.
Not knowing...

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Categories: anxiety, beauty, crush, devotion,

Echoes of love
between woman and man.
Holding on to hope.
In the palm of my hands.
Walking my faith 
down city streets.
With the help of God,
guiding my feet.

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Categories: america, christian, corruption, devotion,

What we want
What we want

I want a man 
That's God fearing 
When i have a bad day 
He wants to hear it
A man that compliments me 

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Categories: age, angst,