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Body Abc Poems

These Body Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Body. These are the best examples of Abc Body poems written by international poets.

Strip me of my wealth, I don’t have any
Strip me of my power, of endless desire
Strip me till I am naked
Strip me till all I...

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Categories: introspection, life,

break my bones 
look out the river
and throw them like stones
until the fish inside quiver
let them all know
of my longing 
to finally not be alone

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Categories: river,

Assured by the Almighty, I wish to abide always in His authority
Blooming beautifully in His blissfulness’ bounty.

Cared for, I wish I could constantly convey compassion

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,

If only you knew
If only you knew

Days gone by and still I cry
Sole tears trickle with a gentle sigh 

It’s all still here still so real
Nothing is helping...

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Categories: sad,


I know I came through the path of your shadow
Many days I spent trying to peep at you through the window

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Categories: beautiful, best friend, boyfriend,

false flag wars
once upon a human

two kids named
ahmad and stan

each in his world 
loved reading Peter Pan

didn't see it coming
their dreams broken
down by the khazarian plan

they fell...

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Categories: abuse, america, arabic, death,

Eon of Age

         Purpous the plane Lisin sane
         Light you hold...

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Categories: boat, body, butterfly, character,

Ways to overcome
Don't stop thinking, keep thinking.
Till you reach a true way.
Don't stop dreaming, keep dreaming.
Till your dream come true.

Dead body never think or dream at all.

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Categories: future,

Personal Hell
I often find myself alone,
In dark thoughts of my grey tombstone-
I am silent in my own dark solitude,
Drowning in my own loneliness,
The spirits of the...

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Categories: how i feel,

Beauty in the Hell 1
We can't ignore the fact that,
Our planet is a hellish place right now!

Little pieces of ego
Exploiting an alive blue marble,
A wet blue piece of dust

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Categories: absence, anger, angst, anxiety,

a painful addiction
when you start to cut the skin around it puffs, 
crimson like the sky
horizontal beads of scarlet push through the surface, escaping.
at first it stings...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, black love,

The Glorious Joy of Death

Joan Wright was diagnosed with a fatal Brain tumour in March 2019,
Her friends said she would not give up.
They thought she was a fighter.
Joan passed...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Baby Jon
Mom:  Baby Jon has fallen down the stairs. She’s unconscious.
Dad : Don’t panic. Let me look at her.
Baby Boy: She stole my pineapple and...

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Categories: 10th grade,

The Glorious Joy of Death

Joan Wright was diagnosed with a fatal Brain tumour in March 2019,
Her friends said she would not give up.
They thought she was a fighter.
Joan passed...

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Categories: 10th grade,

A never ending cycle of pain, Broken hearts, and blurry thoughts Choking on words, Dreading the butterflies that appear when you see him Embarrassed by...

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Categories: cry, deep, heartbroken, jealousy,

My Dying Choice I Live In Regret
To my unborn child, I'm so SORRY
I can't stop this pain, it's a non-stop debate of how it all would be

Painted images and thoughts constantly...

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Categories: abortion, death, heartbroken, how

Reasons why

I sat down in the kitchen and looked out the window
It was cloudy and windy I took my phone and stumbled upon a picture...

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Categories: love,

The girl who died from RAPE
Lullabies are for babies
too hard to understand by an adult
so let me write a  song in story
of a girl
who has a little too much to...

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Categories: anger, cry, death, funeral,

Ask your self
Thinking you top of the world 
You boogie
Think you untouchable 
Entitled you feel... 
Smart know who to try 
Think money buy love
No self-worth 

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Categories: confidence, courage, divorce, encouraging,

soul love
the soul rose above  the lust of the body 
the soul is neither masculine nor feminine 
they all love the spiritual violin 
the mind...

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Categories: art, beauty, desire, devotion,