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Body Abc Poems

These Body Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Body. These are the best examples of Abc Body poems written by international poets.

Driving down the road late one night 
Seen someone was standing under a dim light.
Was a lady so blond and fair
pulled over to see if...

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Categories: anniversary, arabic, dark,

To My Love

The body with no name and stardom,
own's no integrity and one's pardon;

Attained life from mortality because of you,
flinched back to death only for you;

The essence...

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Categories: cry, love, me,

A Letter to Life

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Categories: 11th grade, anxiety,

tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven

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Categories: child abuse, feelings, pain,

The Mistress
Finally, I would have a good night's sleep
In this big mansion I always have dreamt of
The mansion that once belonged to a man
To whom I...

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Categories: desire, evil, horror,

Dancing at Midnight
All around is calm at midnight
The day has been might and tight
I might have lost my sight
But I can still remember to cite

This is my...

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Categories: age, dance, friendship, friendship

Deja Vu
Being in the moment, How would I know?
Deja Vu, a moment of clarity ...
Seeing through the veil of illusion.

I've been here before, another life?
I've seen...

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Categories: body, creation, emotions, metaphor,

A Devastated King
Life was good, just like food.
In the wood, I was in a good mood.
My body was fully cool like water in a pool

I was feeling...

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Categories: break up, depression, memory,

fiery skies
is this is what we've born for
is this all in vain or is there's something more
how many times will i tell the same tale
my horizons...

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Categories: allegory, art, discrimination, humanity,

Multiple Sclerosis An Invisible Disease
My heart hurts my soul is depleted 
I used to walk around feeling so undefeated 
The pain is at a tipping point & I just...

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Categories: anxiety, body, health, inspirational,

Having Hope
Hope.. you try holding onto. You try having faith but you slowly noticed the water coming up to your legs.. 
Hope is always there they...

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Categories: anxiety, body, cry, dark,

Our Daily Bread
Racism. Trying to prove ones skin tone or ethnicity is superior to another’s. 

Why we let a such word control society is beyond the human...

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Categories: old, racism,

When I was thirteen years young, I filleted my upper right thigh.
47 times.
In one night.
In one hour.
I wrote suicide notes,
Every night. 
I folded them up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, depression, history,


Every thing we do in life
They all have their effect.
Positive or negative, effects are always there.
So, we have to wait with good rocky heart for...

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Categories: allegory,

My Name Is Society
I cause one's self confidence to crumble away  
Like a worn-down building left to decay 
I infect the minds of the old and young...

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Categories: 11th grade, discrimination, gender,

True Enemy
True enemy is not the one you know;
It’s a friend or a family who you know.
He bears huge grudge but gently smiles.

Disloyal plan, he has...

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Categories: anger, black love, evil,

A dreadful night
A dreadful night

She was like a flower, always blooming
Even when the sunshine was out of reach,
She was able to turn a dark room into light...

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Categories: abuse,

ageless love
show me the hole in your soul
I'll show you how graceful was my fall 
when the night comes 
poor angel wings can't carry pains by...

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Categories: age, angel, beautiful, crush,

the girl, the pearl
she's waiting for you to see
she's whispering there's another one inside of me
a lonely girl under fire 
who needs more than your desire
eyeing her body...

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Categories: care, cinderella, fairy, fantasy,

Porcelain Mask
It sits back and waits, it lives in your soul.
It slams you and breaks you when you finally feel whole.
It’s been so long since you’ve...

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Categories: addiction, depression, drink, drug,