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Birth Abc Poems

These Birth Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Birth. These are the best examples of Abc Birth poems written by international poets.

I am greater than I was
Joy and smiles characterized the atmosphere to meet my arrival.
Given an identity and welcomed with a bitter and a soft taste.
Deaf to the excitement around...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, birth,

Love doesn't pay the bills 
Neither does it make the meals 
Love is real but currency changes how we feel 
About moving up emotional hills

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Categories: 11th grade, 4th grade,

My Name Is Society
I cause one's self confidence to crumble away  
Like a worn-down building left to decay 
I infect the minds of the old and young...

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Categories: 11th grade, discrimination, gender,

A tribute to Dr King
I have a dream
But Dr King 
Had a vision
He lived it out
Made great decisions
He had a dream 
And he made it a reality
Paved the way...

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Categories: age, child, confidence,

Israel the myth
I'm Israel
for once I was real
now I'm nothing but a living hell
the ruthless child and his deceiving spell 
once upon an Israel
now the eye in...

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Categories: bible, heaven, history, irony,

Today I went to the Valley of Erudition
On my journey I passed the grave of my Father,
I stood there for some time crying for him,
He was man who never loved.
In the distant...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Mother hood
On a sunny day a young lady gave birth to a baby boy. something special from god, it was pain but brung so much joy. She...

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Categories: black love, blessing,

The Narrowing

Glowing days that were once red-cheeked and ripe with promise,
Are narrowing like tall candles in a church window,
Tapering from the golden stand and the sturdy...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Life is a mystery - We can’t track its history
It may seem to start at birth and seem to end at death
But what seems to...

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Categories: anniversary, art, literature,

Today I went to the Valley of Erudition
On my journey I passed the grave of my Father,
I stood there for some time crying for him,
He was man who never loved.
In the distant...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Hear the sabre voices clash between children,
Watch the birth, the creation of dread,
Look closely at the glow about the fire,
Lost is the miracle of wonder,

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Categories: 10th grade,

My stupid Mum
Why did she get that degree in Fine Arts,
Oh what a like total Loser.
It won’t do her any good.
And that time when the neighbours house...

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Categories: 10th grade,

forty  one years ago you blessed us with your birth
now today as we gather to bid you a tearful goodbye 
God seemed fit to...

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Categories: bereavement, grief, i miss

To tell you story of my eyes
Can't tell how my eyes looked like
When I was born.
You need to ask someone
Who saw me born.
But then,
They are gone.

The first thing. I saw
Was a...

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Categories: age, anniversary, appreciation, best

Shadows of a diabolic world
A World all Hers 

that devours instincts pure .....
Where vibes wallow from fear to lure ...
Where souls flee & shadows conjure…
Where beats go silent &...

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Categories: angel, anger, anxiety, art,


We are family
End that is reality,
Together we stand
As one.

Unity, royalty and-
Security is what
Bond as together.
We will never be apart
One body down, no body
Lest until down...

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Categories: africa, america, birth, family,

Wishes, I have so many of them.wishes,one thing i learned in life  always go for what you want.wishes, Never let nothing or no one...

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Categories: absence, adventure, angel, art,

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Ask for fond wit
Bright laughter fits

Cheer feels fine choice
Dream of pure poise

End where you start
Frame curious art

Glimpse beyond words
Health in re-birth

Ink touching thoughts
Joy anchors...

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Categories: change,

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1.  Always aspiring to authentic answers
2.  Belief begins, only to end
3.  Calls the crow, 'never, to'
4.  Drifting like October leaves
5. ...

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Categories: allusion, assonance, hope, onomatopoeia,

A Devil Child
An abomination, 
A sin they say, 
Your only child, 
In your womb, 
Growing everyday, 
Kicking and moving around, 
The child struggles, 
With hearing nothing but...

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Categories: allusion, birth, crazy,