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Bangla Abc Poems

These Bangla Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Bangla. These are the best examples of Abc Bangla poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Try the sky
Self explanitory...

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© John Conde  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: arabic, art, atheist, aubade,

Probably Haiku
On the snow
A piece of sky
A blue umbrella...

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Categories: anniversary, april, atheist, aubade,

To Autumn
All appear denuded
When you set in;
Forests, hills, rivers, winds and
The nymphs.

Even the angels look disrobed, and
Seem lying spread-eagled on barren clouds,
Sans their birthrights;
The luminous crowns.


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Categories: appreciation, aubade, autumn, baby,

My wallet and I
My wallet,
Made of shining black leather.
I bought it a decade ago,
From a Lacoste shop.
It fitted well in the rear pockets
Of my blue denims.
It was happy,

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Categories: anniversary, anti bullying, april,

How many times one looks for it?
How many times one finds it?
I asked an old stone.
A long wide crack ran across its face,
Like a bad...

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Categories: aubade, august, autumn, baby,

lonely heart
If the heart does not stop,
I can not get it from you.
You do not meet me,
I can not see you at any time.
Flowers also do...

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Categories: april, aubade, august, bangla,

World of Paradise
Buds is a delicate flower.
The scent is smelling.
The four winds moving winds 
are blowing their fragrance.
Rivers out from the waterfalls.
The falling droplets are search
for their...

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Categories: aubade, august, autumn, bangla,

Its life
It comes and goes 
harder in this life,
Why is there nothing 
even full of us?
It is the rull now,
the world is in the philosophy.
Do not...

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Categories: april, aubade, august, bangla,

Separation difficult in love
Why is separation apart from my match?
For what we have been so far from beloved.

Come near me now,you should be embrace me,
Not meeting me far...

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Categories: april, arabic, aubade, august,

Did not forgotten you by love
Did not forget whom he loved.
Eyes kept hidden by him 
and never did any objection.
He just waited for himself
for which in which lived
got up every...

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Categories: aubade, august, autumn, bangla,

Persecuted love
The blues is a cloudy dark,
Tears have come in the eyes.
Listening to leave,
We are your persecuted.

I used to love you yesterday again
why did you change...

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Categories: autumn, bangla, baptism, baseball,

Heart to heart
One you and your love,that was my dream.
I was crazy about you,I was waiting for you.
I dream that you were mine only in my heart.

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Categories: aubade, august, autumn, bangla,

running blind
running scared 
she wants to fall in love
but she does not dare
running alone
looking back
she is going nowhere fast
she wants someone to love and to...

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Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, bangla,

i can remember the day
first met with you
i saw the blue deep eyes
that was the day
fall in love with you....

i can feel you around me

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Categories: april, bangla, i love

Dr. Manoranjan Das
You’re the  seeker of liberation with ultimate
Aim through  your own creation where  the everlasting
Happiness is nursed...

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Categories: april, autumn, bangla, blessing,

The relationship between us began to thaw,
my thoughts tumbled in my head, 
making and breaking alliances,
 like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free.
Talking and...

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Categories: baby, bangla, basketball, beach,

Logo streets
Logo streets
      Tareq Hassan

I saw in Kathmandu in Nepal

Hand-crafted paintings of the city, aesthetic artistry

She did like him forgot

Suddenly the door sound  memory.

I went to...

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Categories: art, bangla, beach, beautiful,


In this season of red and white
I wish I could express myself without anybody asking me why
Even when I can't deliver flowers at your...

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Categories: bangla, beautiful, crush, desire,

they are seekinng your helping hands
Do ye hear the children weeping, O my
brothers, sisters , friends all I have here ?

Ere the sorrow comes with years ?
They are leaning their...

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© ashiq alam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, angel, bangla, beauty,

You Mean Everything To Me
When People Say Love is Blind,
For me its You whom i have Found.

Now when you are not Near,
I miss you the most My Dear.
This Phase...

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Categories: bangla, emotions, family, husband,