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Art Abc Poems

These Art Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Art. These are the best examples of Abc Art poems written by international poets.

He did it for me
"He did it for me"

He did it for me 
He did it for you
He paid with his life 
what a sacrifice
he loved us all 

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Categories: america, art,

You May
You may"

You may stumble , remain humble
You may stumble, remain humble 
No matter what you do
Never lose you
We've all had some hard times 
All had...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,

Infinity Exodus
God works in mysterious ways? Then so does life work in mysterious ways. So does death work in mysterious ways. So does good work in...

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Categories: animal, anxiety, appreciation, art,

Time, space, Being toppling over;
The pivot of nothingness.
I exist here in the moment, moment by moment.
This is where the many become one, 
I want to...

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Categories: art, beauty, loneliness,

You make me think and imagine candles.
Of beach fires and fire flies, 
Thunder storms and lightening dancing all over the sky.
Rain pattering on cliffs near...

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Categories: adventure, angel, art, girlfriend,

I'm the fallen one
eventually I'm the fallen one
never thought that falling will be much fun
how about an airborne run
looking for wings that won't fall
llooking for a fall that'll...

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Categories: art, death, fantasy, humanity,

statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene...

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Categories: art, culture, emotions, imagination,

I love a tree
I love a tree that stands so tall 
with leaves of green and red and fawn
you stand majestic, pretty and free
you are a tree of...

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Categories: anxiety, art, autumn, beauty,

Ebullition TGIF
Eased onto an exsiccated embankment
Enchanted by the empyreal expanse
Exhausted from day's endued earning
Yet elated at the endowment of esprit
Enjoying earth's earnest, emoting eye of
Emerald engraved...

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Categories: art, beauty, cool, earth,

Some People
"Some People"

This is the truth
everyone you see 
will not want to see you happy
This is the truth 
everyone you see
will not want to see you...

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Categories: age, art, beautiful,

hours and minutes
hours pass like minutes
sucked up in the vacuums of my thoughts
weaving a mesh of entangled webs
I'm in a far place where you get gently touched...

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Categories: art, change, character, feelings,

my days
i glimpse my days as they row by
to the corner of my eye
the race for identity
the mirage of divinity
visions and sights
a dark fear of light...

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Categories: art, deep, fate, inspiration,

you were always alone
missing was the realization
sadness and complaint
when the skies are grey what good is rainbow paint
you can either faint or patiently eye ...

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Categories: art, change, character, deep,

the government complex
the medical industrial complex, the art of making disease, keep'em eyes on the 1000$pill please
the military industrial complex, the art of selling war keep'em pipelines...

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Categories: betrayal, earth, future, political,

time standing still
time is standing still
this treacherous silence makes me ill
my dreams are bleeding visions from the master of divisions
if i knelt I'm slave risen a slave...

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Categories: art, confusion, deep, faith,

fiery skies
is this is what we've born for
is this all in vain or is there's something more
how many times will i tell the same tale
my horizons...

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Categories: allegory, art, discrimination, humanity,

I Need No Rose
I need no rose
You art my rose
My red red rose
The same old rose

I need no rose
But rather
A little bit pause
A skip of pulse

I need no...

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Categories: love, romantic love,

What about Tomorrow
What About Tomorrow?
I really have something to say
Tomorrow's not promised today
We think we have forever
To get it together 
Every day someone else is gone 

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Categories: age, art, fantasy,

affordable health care
America believed "Congress"decided effortlessly for giving health incentive justification,"knowing" love may not open prior questions regarding special things under vague wrong xenophobic yearnings zonked!!...

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Categories: 12th grade, 7th grade,

I cant
I really didn't want to face you
I thought I could replace you
You constantly on my mind 
Feel like I can chase you
If I keep on...

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Categories: age, art, beauty,