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You,my dad, and me

You, my Dad, And Me**

Giggles can be heard if I close my eyes and think,
A cute little girl, who still loves the colour pink.

Swings and roundabouts, running from one to the other,
Cheeks all a flush
Holding on tight, the hands of my little brother.

Strong and protected, never any doubt!
There by my side, all it took was a shout.

Fear was never around, only joy filled my day,
Wrapped in your strong arms, asleep I would sway.

Now no longer pigtails or swings at the park,
Teenage years have arrived and now leave their mark,
Boyfriends and dancing was now my choice,
No more stories being told, not a sound of your voice.

The once little girl, is now in her teens,
And chasing around with daddy is a distant dream.

Now darkest of days they consume all our lives,
Little brother has gone, it is now goodbye.

The sadness it falls like a storm cloud from above,
The home is still, with no sign of love.

You suffer each moment, empty with loss,
Consumed with pain, you carry your cross.

But years they do pass, I'm now living in Spain,
And holidays did come, and you jumped on the plane.

Better times once again we did share,
Once again there is light in your stare.

The love it is back, it now fills another home....
No more emptiness, cold like a stone.

Your strong arms now hold my child, as I once was held,
And long gone are distant memories of the teenager who yelled.

Giggles can be heard and the rooms are all pink,
So many years, but gone in a blink.

Now you are grey and youth it has gone,
Your health has changed, you're no longer strong.

Dark days once again are at our door,
And the pain that I feel hits right to the core.

There in the bed, in hospital you lay,
Lost in my thoughts how I do pray.

This time I hold your hands, and I am now strong!
I am your strength, I will hold on.
I will protect, and I will be there, as you were for me.
We close our eyes and memories we see.
Pigtails and fun, holding hands as we run,
Daughter and dad together.

But now this storm cloud, it is back!
And the pain is here once more,
Death once again is knocking at our door.

I hold you in my hands and you stare straight at me,
What is it dad that you see?

I whisper through tears 'I love you' and oh how I cry,
And with one more breath you are gone, and you die.

Right at this moment, my world it just stops!
We are together right now, strong arms holding on never to drop.
Laughter and giggles I hear, do you?

I shout out but your not at my side,
Strong arms no more to protect me, the pain I can't hide.

My loss of you is so great, I actually feel my heart as it breaks.
My dad, you are gone and it doesn't seem real,
I am numb, I cannot feel.

I now suffer my loss,
I now am carrying my cross.

Dad I cannot believe you have gone,
My days are dark, full of pain and long.

I miss you dad
I can't tell you how much, I am so sad.
I love you dad forever and ever,
Forget you, no never!

But if I close my eyes so I can see,
If I keep them closed this will always be.....
You, my dad, and me ??
© 10 days ago   rhyme   

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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