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Winter sestina

Winter sestina								
on summer nights she cupped love in her heart
tasted the honey of a gentle kiss
and the heat of an exotic garden,
she roamed in a rabble of wild colours, with rows of chillies 
red hot in the sun, back when she was young,
heart hammering, fluttering like a bird

she knew a freedom then and flew, like a bird
on the wind of words that touched her heart,
like Spring she burst with the richness of the young
she danced and claimed her man for a kiss
her blood burning in her like juice of chillies
she was exploring love and luscious in the garden

now frost silvers the branches in the garden
she fluffs herself in feathers like a bird,
her tropical thoughts, hot as chillies
still simmer in a corner of her heart,
though she has passed the joys and langour of the kiss
she knows the white heat of being young

she has a freedom too, not felt when she was young
is curious to know who lives now in the garden,
she knows the thousand meanings of a kiss
and feels the height and flight of every bird,
the smiles of those she loves nest in her heart
warming her blood and  glowing  like chillies

in a shadowed door she sits and strings the chillies
watching the posturing of the young,
benevolent, smiling, letting loose her heart
in memories of time once spent in a garden
when all she could hear was the singing of the bird
and all her dreams were garnished with a kiss 

her love flows broader now, gifted with a kiss
the wind of her years rattles her old bones, like chillies
on a tin roof in the sun, watched by a bird
who remembers too, how it was to be young,
who flew and nested in a golden garden
and sang the songs that touched the woman’s heart

now, in winter frost, her heart is warmed with every childish kiss,
in the garden are scattered seeds and skins of long dead chillies,
and the young ones listen for the voice of the bird

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/30/2017 11:00:00 AM
This is beautiful!! So good.. I love it!
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