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Where Do Secrets Lie

Some say:
Secrets lie in the dead of night;
Darkness covers everything in sight.
Hiding behind night’s veil like a sprite;
Secrets never reveal their hidden insight.

Some say:
A secret lies within an entire continent;
In the folds of a mountain monument.
An eternal secret lies darkly embedded, 
Inscrutable as destiny and equally dreaded.

Some say:
Secrets exist that are not worth knowing;
Earth’s dark places are not worth going.
Pretending to be secret lends a little fame,
Not worth the cheap cost of its covert name.

Some say:
A secret bears the indelible mark of mystery,
That preserves an enigma down thru history.
The Grand Sphinx offers an unsolvable riddle,
As enduring as a one-armed man with a fiddle.

Some say:
There is a secret in the night’s darkness,
A deep dark mystery known for its starkness.
The darkness was here yesterday all thru the night;
We cower within its flicker until the ascent of light.

Some say:
A secret lies in the calligraphy of the wrinkled shell,
Hidden words engraved under a religious spell.
But no, the secret lies within the core of the nut,
Whose seed seeks protection in this outer hut.

There is no secret that life has not foretold;
The mystery we hold up its essence to behold.
The secret of the universe lies quietly within.
The Mystery will never unravel, but forever spin.
At least, that’s what some say. . . . 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 1/27/2017 7:57:00 PM
A very intriguing read, John! The scientist only SORT OF know 4% of our Universe, so 96% is still in secrecy. Some say anyway! Haha. I enjoyed your poem, my friend.
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