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What The Enemy Meant For Evil, God Will Turn To The Good

What The Enemy Meant For Evil, GOD Will Turn To The Good!

Take a good look now at some of the bad
things that have happened in our lives 
horrible things we have gone through
and yet somehow HE turned the situation to good. 

Have you had a friend die and you couldn’t do anything to help?
You lost most of your life savings on sickness.  
Someone accused you of something that you didn’t do and you were not able to clear yourself and were fired from your job.  Because of the accusation you lost some of your best friends and acquaintances and others avoided talking to you or seeing you.

Have you gone through a very serious health 
situation that drained you spiritually and financially?
Have you lived when all the odds were against you?
Did you feel His presence with you on the way in to surgery?

Have you been so lonely that you thought you would die?
You moved because you know that the Lord told you to and
now you are all alone?  You know that the Only One you
have to depend upon now is GOD!  :  )

You have a promise from the Lord about a mate but you
have waited 16 years and so far no one!  The Lord
asks you to move clear across the country and you were even
too scared to drive in a city about 30 miles away from home!
Wow, am I sure I am hearing this right Lord?  When you get to where HE is sending you you meet the man that HE told you about 16 years ago and you get married during Christmas just like HE had promised you 16 years ago!  :  )

You write a book your first and find a good solid book publisher you think  
 you checked them out on line only to find out  they scammed you and you only receive $3.96 in royalties like most of their other authors and yet your books are being sold clear across the world!

Then one day, you go for a walk in the country by your apartment
and during the walk  you have pain all over your body and are not
sure you will get back home so you pray and He answers.  HE helped me get back and then when you do get back to your apartment you take off your shoes and put your feet up against the wall and He takes you to Heaven.  He 
asks   Do you want to race?  So you take off running down
this beautiful fairway of Heaven and He lets you win.  He picks
you up and swings you around like a child throws His head back
and laughs so hard with a belly laugh!  And when He sends you back home
you are totally healed!!!

What am I trying to say in this narrative poem is that bad things happen to good and bad people!  We live in a fallen world but it won’t always be this way.  Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth one day and will set up HIS Kingdom but until then God still answers prayers while we are here but maybe not the way we always want HIM to but HE is still GOD and HE loves us
and will turn the bad things that the devil did to the GOOD!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
March 2018

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 4/30/2018 6:39:00 PM
Lovely writing, Marilyn. I think you may have some first hand knowledge and write what you know.
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