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What If

Cova 19 may be the beginning of world Peace. All nuclear warfare will seaze so our world leaders can come together to stop this deadly disease.
What if this pandemic was just a reality check. 
Not to cause havic or make our. Lives a wreck. 
But to show us how good we had it and how it could be.
If they take away our grandparents, and our little things in life and they take away our free. 
What if they just wanted us to see,
All we did was complain , and want better , we were never happy. 
We're stuck in quarantine and we think life really stinks, 
All we can do is sit around and think.
But is it so bad to have to spend time with the ones you love, 
The ones that before this the back burner you shove
Now you have to worry about your grandparents who were always alone,
All they wanted was you to pick up the phone, 
Is it so bad now that you got to stay home?
What if this was just to make us a world United,  all nation's no different than the other
Instead of killing we have to help our sisters and brothers. 
What if this was to open our eyes
To hear the sound of a homeless man cries. 
What if this was to take away our humble 
And show us what's it like to when our world starts to crumble. 
What if this was a way for us to feel the homeless hunger pain
To show us how it feels to wait in the rain 
In a long line just for a meal,
What if it's to show us how the unfortunate feel.
It took a virus to show us that were all the same, 
The rich are no different than the homeless whome we have put to shame.
What if you had to beg some one for toilet paper and a loaf of bread
What if you were different than one holding the sign begging to be fed. 
What if cova 19 put us all on a new path
Love and harmony is the aftermath. 
What if cova made you ask for help from  the one that we forget about, you know that  one person we denied or had our doubt
What if we had to turn to that one person that we. All  we all threw away. 
What if Corona was just to give you another chance to believe in God and to bring you to your knees to. pray. 
Corona created the path and our faith in God will  show us the way. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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Date: 3/25/2020 5:31:00 PM
A wonderful, beautifully penned verse. The world is not ending. ))) It may never be perfect on earth. But then, it was never meant to be! Panagiota xxx
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