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I was the one with the color-blue eyes, 
you were the wind on the sea. 
Of all the oceans tossed by your kiss 
why did it have to be me? 

                                                Pardon this wind for causing the wave. 
                                                One as free-spirited as I 
                                                was myself surprised, your gravity called, 
                                                your lips I could not deny. 

A soaring breeze calms not a sea 
and I would be remiss, 
to think my journey to your heart 
began with but a kiss. 

                                                Why would you wonder, oh King of the deep 
                                                did you not feel the spark, the magic? 
                                                You wound my heart, with thoughts that start 
                                                to doubt my intent, it’s tragic. 

Indeed I felt it, burning deep, 
your spark inflamed desire. 
Enraptured now, I long for more, 
my heart a raging fire. 

                                                 Arise, my King, from current doubt 
                                                 and begin to breathe anew. 
                                                 Haven't I hovered long enough 
                                                 for you to get a clue? 

Bend, oh Queen, yield your will 
and we will rise above, 
the ebb and tide of mortal bane 
swept away in love. 

                                                  Into your ocean I'll sail my vessel 
                                                  on a course set sound as stone. 
                                                  Prepare yourself oh majesty 
                                                  for I will share your throne.

A Collaborative Write by KIM PATRICE NUNEZ and JOHN WULF
16 April 2015
Poem of the Day - 18 April 2015

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 8/19/2015 2:49:00 PM
Well know I am duly intimidated! What a fabulous collaboration, John may have set it up, but it takes two to betrothed King and Queen. Kim and John this piece is a classic! I have but a mere flesh wound :), jill
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Nunez Avatar
KP Nunez
Date: 8/19/2015 3:10:00 PM
lol! You're sweet! Thanks a lot, Jill. It was just one of those days when everything just clicked. As for our latest, you may wish to check our joint account I know we deviated a bit from the theme. The first 8 lines were mine. The last 6 lines were John's. Have a read first. hugs galore!
spagnola Avatar
jill spagnola
Date: 8/19/2015 2:50:00 PM
Lots of HUGS!!!!
Date: 7/3/2015 3:54:00 PM
Oops! Forgot to rate - 7+!
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Date: 7/3/2015 3:53:00 PM
Oh, I see! It's an actual dialogue between the two of you. That is so cool! I want to do it too, Kim! How do you do it? Just approach someone and ask them for a poetry date? Like, "Dear Lyric Man, I have seen you around, do you come here often? Please don't think me forward but would you like to banter with me sometime? Give me a jingle and we'll play it by ear" Haha! I'm gonna go for it
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Date: 5/2/2015 12:22:00 AM
This is the best of the best! A 7 for each of you! :) I truly loved this and neither of you missed a beat. It's perfect! And please. Call me Ed.
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Date: 4/28/2015 11:13:00 AM
You and John are the BEST!!! What a fantastic collab! Again, my sincerest congratulations!!! Love and hugs to you both!!! xxx
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Date: 4/19/2015 7:45:00 AM
Hi Kim, such a beautiful collaborative poem you two have created! My heartfelt congratulations to you bothfor your Poem of the Day honor! Hugs, Sandra
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Date: 4/19/2015 6:29:00 AM
Congrats on this beautiful poem being Poem of the Day....
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Date: 4/19/2015 4:45:00 AM
A lovely piece from you two. Thanks for sharing...and Congrats for being chosen.
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Date: 4/18/2015 9:23:00 PM
What a delightful gem this is from the both of you. Congratulations on it being chosen POTD!
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Date: 4/18/2015 4:24:00 PM
What a clever piece from you both Kim & John, great to see your write is poem of the day..'
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Date: 4/18/2015 10:10:00 AM
- This was a pleasure :) - Truly deserving .... Congratulations Kim & John !!!! - I wish you and your loved ones a blessed weekend and send you a friendly hug // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 4/18/2015 8:32:00 AM
Back again to say , Congratulations to both you and John for Poem of the day . Blessings Eve
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Date: 4/18/2015 8:13:00 AM
WOOHOO poem of the day! Congratulations you two, this is an excellent collaboration.
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Date: 4/18/2015 8:07:00 AM
Congrats Kim and John...woohoo
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Date: 4/18/2015 7:59:00 AM
amazing, beautiful read.
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Date: 4/18/2015 7:23:00 AM
Poem of the day wooohoooooooooooo many congrats to you both:-) Hugs Jan xx
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Date: 4/18/2015 6:42:00 AM
Dear Kim: Lovely write. Lovely read. Simply lovely. Well done and congratulations on the POTD. Both you and John deserve this accolade. All the best then, Leon.
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Date: 4/17/2015 6:30:00 AM
Wow...this is an excellent co-write...It's it...A 7
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Date: 4/16/2015 10:34:00 PM
Awesome colab ! Really had a power about it ! Truly invigorating ! Wonderful ! Have a wonderful week.........much love, james
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Date: 4/16/2015 8:18:00 PM
G'day Kim... in my own personal view, this poem is true poetry. The scallywag of nonsense and yourself Kim have done a wonderful job here. Thank you both - Lindsay
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Date: 4/16/2015 3:49:00 PM
This verse is so unique! I love the Rhyme pattern and the format in it. Absolutely beautiful. Your voices in it were so cool also! I love love love it! <3 Tash
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Date: 4/16/2015 11:14:00 AM
Kim this is beautifully romantic, you both did impressive writing for this poem, well done 7, and thanks for visiting my poem, insanity, I seldom write funny but thought I would give the contest a whirl
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Date: 4/16/2015 10:49:00 AM
I see that you have added a couple of more gems to your collection. “ WAVE INTO YOU - A Collaborative Write with JW ” a very interesting piece, reminds me of the Polish Princess ( I am sure you have read about her in my stuff ) and her art collaboration ( three artist painting on the same canvas ) .
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Date: 4/16/2015 9:33:00 AM
Enjoyed reading this collaboration..Very passionate work..Thanks for the visit to my page..Sara
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Date: 4/16/2015 8:58:00 AM
Standing ovation, too both of you, a 7 and a fav. such a romantic and well written poem. Blessings dear friends Eve
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