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Watering Terror

I'm so confused, raised to believe cooperative love overpowers competing fears about scarcity of time, and other resources, and anger about past over- and under-valuing of myself as a regenerative resource, CoPresence Source, raised to believe the Golden Rule is most effectively applied to all life, as cooperative ecological regenerative potential I don't see how it could be OK to run a national political campaign assuming I will confuse the taking of life for nutritional needs as less just than the taking of life for punishment and retributive needs, death-debt owed for death-taken, as if it were possible to kill disenculturing clans of terrorists repeatedly for each and every innocent life taken with such unholy cynicism as anti-life hopeless degenerates. I find this violence-begets-violence nowhere else in any ecosystem, anything that could possibly be called a sustainable system, in any form of nature, other than humane nature as de-natured humanity. However, now that I think of it, perhaps we do see something of its kind in diseased and over-crowded populations, literally eating their young. We often call this "rabidity", as individuals, families, tribes, swarming in a monocultural snarl, turn on each other begin unprovoked cannibalism, prey on each other, perhaps as a form of punishment or retribution for past angers and fears only these terrorist champions of chaos can see and feel; a mounting prescient culture of mutual disregard and antipathy, immunity, trending toward Lose-sociopolitical economic and Lose-ecological outcomes. Still, is it wise to sanction violence to be perpetrated by others on our behalf, at any scale, for any reason? How is abuse and neglect of death-producing miscreants not hypocritical for a person who believes in the power of cooperative love as a more effective Golden Rule than "Beat Others down before they Win more than you"? Do we intend to include anything but monocultural AnthroCentric overcrowding, more violence, more dissonance, trending toward decomposition of all Earth's systems? Am I to invest or disinvest in a competing human race or a humanizing regenerate space and time? Or, are we somewhere MidWay between? Sometimes competing anger and fear might be Teachers, I suppose, although still not the best choice-makers. Perhaps we could leave cooperative balancing of Tipping Point decomposition and analysis of therapeutic/toxic trends, within exclusive charge of CoArising Love as Golden Rule choice-making; choosing whether or not to invest in regenerative health potential values of a life, or a biosystem, an ecosystem, to optimally invest in Earth's regenerating health and vitality. Yet, Earth does not necessarily always and at all times, water humane flowers to starve the weeds. More often, weeds starve flowers of water as Crusading Christians starved diversity of intelligence through violent ex-communication. So, if these interdependently organic cooperating relationships between and within individuals, families of weeds, tribes of flowers, nations and planets, and the ecobalance of co-arising space with time are what we seem to love, then why do we suboptimize with Win-Lose economic and political choices to compete with each other for livelihood. sense of vocational value, for power to declare war on each other, the right to abuse and neglect and ex-communicate each other, as if Earth's evolutionary journey is not historically rooted in cooperative regenerate enculturation, as any of life's surviving cells could quickly attest, even under threat of ex-communication. It is difficult for me to find any faith or even hope in the belief that Earth produced this humanizing race toward degenerating dissonance and overly-competitive Win to Lose strategies of Left-brain cultural language and political and economic dominance. It feels less confusing to me to comprehend we are ecoconsciously co-loving each other in a rapidly overpopulating monocultural species with humane researching and incubating emergently embryonic cooperative aspirations to optimize WorldWide Win-Win ecosystemic networks, to balance Left with Right mindbody co-mentoring intelligence, harmonizing all our bicameral systemic information, issuing inductive from Heaven's TransParent Cloud and deductive from Earth's RNA icons recreating intelligence, form with nondual co-arising cooperative function, noun as verb, multiplaying Wins as perma-path, and harmonic-octave frequencies in 4-square Prime Sequential Relationship, both Time's co-gravitating with Space's thermodynamic balance, Yang OVER yin-squared = c-squared ecoconsciousness of Universal TransParent (0) Metric Light Balance. Perhaps, then, it is less confusing to me to think about how to invest more wisely in non-violent empathy of Basic Attendance to notice and listen with still-centered mindbody, empathically absorbing claustrophobic fear and anger saturating toxic terror that my life, therefore your life, has no ego-intrinsic value because LeftEgo is too dissonantly dominant over Right EcoEarth Regenerational Analogic CoEmpathic Arising Function, so my death, therefore your death, has no Earth-intrinsic regenerative value or disvalue. From this position I cannot see Allah as ReGenerator Power and Flow, Spirit with NatureFunction, Love with Synergetic Intent, TransParent Empathic Elational Present Concave HomePlace within Convex healthculture through Time's bilaterally co-gravitating eco-normative lens. How is any directive to starve and/or neglect and/or kill not what Christians have known as ex-communication unto decomposition? Dissonance struggling against dissonance, when we could choose to emerge mutually-resonant regenerators, re-communicative poly-empathic optimizers, co-mentoring Earth-regenerate soil reforesting our rivers for clean water, repurposing mutual immunity as mutual subsidiarity within Earth, EcoTribe, RNA/DNA Integrity. These three held together into perpetuity, Earth Tribal ReSolution.

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