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They saved him in the nick of time,
By a heart attack, from biting grime

By divinity, a pirate gave up ghost
With “heart” his heart to find a host!

The heart’s cage they cut it through
Infused heart to give pulse anew!

He is now healthy, live and vibrant
By the torque of a heart transplant.

What then could have gone wrong
His is no longer a humble being’s song;

He vaunts, tongue cracking like whips
Dog-tired, it droops outside his lips!

Could he have received a dog’s heart
Shuttering character and mien apart?

Is he re-living his Donor’s idiosyncrasy
Swaying to the Pirate’s foray decree?

Is he led by a lascivious Pirate heart
Lusting for all he left as he did depart?

Will he not re-marry the old widow
To quell the long break’s fiery libido;

Or on the hard floor paddle a table
Like boats when he was a sea rabble!

Is he behaving the Donor heart’s age
That I fear dazzles with reckless rage!

To kind Donors or sick recipients alike
This poem does not hold with dislike;

Ignore the poem as a frivolous affront
To “one man” I’m eager to confront!

***This is a situational poem, bear with me. I have no issues with the rest of Donors (who selflessly part with their valued organs) and Recipients (who have received a new lease of life.)


10th January 2014 


Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 1/19/2014 10:10:00 AM
Agreed with Eileen: very interesting, indeed, and also quite perplexing and thought-provoking. Never pondered an idea like this one before. This poem made me go, "Hmmmmmmm!", and that is a good thing. I love it when a poem makes me sit and wonder for a bit after I've read it. Fabulous work, JM :)
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Matose Avatar
Joseph Matose
Date: 1/20/2014 12:49:00 AM
Thanks, Chan. You inspire me so much. Friend, JM
Date: 1/13/2014 3:12:00 AM
Very interesting write...Yes, I've heard of stories in which heart transplant recipients seem to act differently than before....I always found it hard to believe, but your poem does give weight to that theory...Very wonderful couplet. I liked your choice of words, and how you just built your case up to the finish.
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Matose Avatar
Joseph Matose
Date: 1/13/2014 6:58:00 AM
Thanks, Eileen. This poem was inspired when I was about to undergo surgery of a diseased appendix on 11/12/2013. So I thought, should the Doctor condemn the entire gut and seek a donor to donate his intestines, what would I be-maybe a gourmand, After the surgery I was told the stitches are catgut, they will just dissolve in my skin. So, I asked myself who will I be when my flesh is mixed up with a cat's!! Joyous Friend, JM