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TransFormational Curiosity

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With warm gratitude to Pope Francis (Laudato Si') and to Yuval Noah Harari (21 Lessons for the 21st Century) for inspiring further reweaving ecowomb feminist refractions.

That's *****! said transculturing Curiosity, peering out Her sacred big-boxed window panes of misty white fog gently covering her view of upstream tiding River's mysterious grey reverse time flow Sometimes, OK, really too often, I could use more courageous exercise But, Other times I'm more content, inviting compassionate awareness of Earth's ***** tidal rivers, surfing sacred oceans surrounding anthropocentric privileged Kingdoms Patristic Empires already capable of replaying WinWin with both holy bicameral Hands of better monetized Nature/Spirit Balance blue/green indigenously wise reconnection ComPassion ReEducation. I tire of ageing while standing inside here now still gazing outside where all my best copassioned sexual imagination interdependent neuro-sensory anxious anticipation intersectionally unfolds, Usually remarkably nonviolent normatively win/win without anthropatriarchal StraightWhiteWesternMale upstream privileged reactions against TransIntegral EcoWombinists My own uncurious RightBrain oppressed nudging invites healthier win/win both/and non-shunning longing to divest of over-capitalized RightWing patristic LeftBrain ***** dominatrix curiously demented EarthBound ManiFestering GodWord Judging DenseDestined Justice finds SacredEarth Rapture compatible with TransMatricide. MultiGenerational deep learning ecosystemic education invites these curious Both/And rivers of misty RightBrain foggy felt mysteries nuancing questioning comments feeding and breeding nonviolent multiculturing responses My cooperatively owned QueenCuriosity anticipates Win/Win collaborative dragging outcomes predicting ecopolitical transregenderal, scientifically inclusive, non-closeted genderic communication research uncovering nutritional transitional change For climatic rivers of resilient health multi-tipping up and downstream points inhaling while already anticipating transubstantiating win/win exhales Of re-inspiring recorrections, great and small transtherapy for Earth's multicolored health education supporting our best and brightest, empowering and enlightening octaves of wealth. Curiosity naturally thirsts for enspirited inspiring examples. Let's see... Here (Laudato Si', #102) Pope Francis strategically asks, "How could we not acknowledge the work of many scientists and engineers who have provided alternatives to make development sustainable?" Strangely, my simultaneous ***** curiosity invokes indigenous Nature/Spirit felt trans-reversion Both/And also asks How could healthy EarthMothers not acknowledge the work and Win/Win strategically cooperative play of many deductive LeftBrain dominant exploring capital-enriched corporate scientists? And starving transcultural communication engineers cooperatively designed mediation empowerers peace thirsty facilitators EarthJustice meditators, knowledge follows deep feeling ecowomanist teachers nonviolent communicating parents ego/eco-systemic trans-therapists Who have, together, already provided way more resistance to anthro-supremacist over-capitalized patrilinear monoculturally combative non-alternatives to make not-nice militaristic inhumane ballistic LeftBrain On/Off technological Natures -stillborn overpowering- BothCause/AndEffectiveness co-arising organic-transpiraling Spirits; thus, degenerating more unsustainable inhumane StraightWhiteWesternMale ecopolitical overdevelopment. "What kind of skills will he or she need in order to get a job, understand what is happening around him or her, and navigate the maze of life?" cooperatively researches and competitively publishes Yuval Noah Harari titling 21 Lessons for the 21st Century in "Education" (p. 266) Also transregeneratively asking, to my troubled embodied sensory-neural informed mind, respiring information and expiring transflowation, What kind of multicultural communication skills and polycultural nutrition systems and health/wealth education networks will we transcendently feel and cooperatively want in order to interconnect with EarthTribe's win/win cooperative EarthJustice trans-restory gracefully co-inviting sacred pro-ecowomanist life vocations, To understand what is locally happening globally still fog-enshrouded grey around upstream tidal pushing Him and within downstream flowing Her To win/win trans-remediate co-facilitate this multi-regenerational complex space/time big-boxed maze of co-empathic bicameral love is trans-cerebral life as hate is apartheid death In this secular LeftBrain HereSpace and sacred RightMind NowTime yanged yintegrity, blue/green unitarian TransCuriously Substantiated Universe... Still almost back to NonZero *****! said transculturing Curiosity, peering out Her sacred big-boxed window silently suffering grey fog-recovering panes.

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