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Toms story

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Hello soupers' as you can see Toms story of just before he meets father antony is going on the record, and yet there is more to come, I suppose I will put some in the short story section at some point, the Church of England vicar Colin Horn, was Toms old vicar, 30 years hence, now retired; he had after work in the C of E, became the manager of a company; i believe a biggish one, so quite a rational and real man.' Tom had a bookeeper who I think in 2014 found out where he had moved as Tom had tried the vicarage to no avail she had to go the length of even contacting the 'general synod' as it known in Britian, Tom had been doing something in the 1980's that involved a patent and he was concerned that someone may try to use some aspect he wanted to protect, so remembering Colin had knowledge of this; he decided to contact him, on that matter once that was spoken about; Tom being Tom, thought as he had with pastor's Tom and Ben on Colins years of experience, and asked a question that was answered again to Toms astonishment' I think by now both our astonishments are beginning to vanish' at least in the area of Gods actions. There may well be a write appearing by the reverend Ben Cooper, ( no relation to Charlie ) who you later, he runs the pentecostal Church that Charlie did attend, toward the end of his life, Ben took this comission on from his grandfather the reverend Tom, to both of these men, the reverends Ben and Tom, he initally wen't to tell of his visitation, again owing to the many years of experience combined, he hoped the might know something, .however they had heard of nothing.' It was after this Tom learned of Charlies knowledge, now the thing is; an event happened between Tom and reverend Ben, which led Tom to believe that ben took his account lightly and maybe even thought him mad? At this Tom prophesied to Ben that he wished that Ben would get a visitation as Tom did not want to keep God to himself 'as it were' maybe a month after Tom and Charlie's talk, Ben approached Tom in the Church with questions as it turned out on the initial apperance of the Holy Spirit, Tom soon realised that Ben was noting things only an eyewitness would see, although Ben did not get the pouring out that Tom received, he did see the Lord indeed, thank you for reading this. And as always God bless! p/s If anyone is on twitter I have just tweeted a list of clergymen you will find Colin Horn on that list.
It was promising to be a cloudy grey day if things held up' still what can you expect in England in Janruary Tom reasoned, he was already considering how far behind he might be in the days tasks at 9'45 in the morning! Oh well he would just have to be as busy as possible until he ran out of leaflets' it was no good putting them out where the accountants were the area was way too poor, but then it was all poor round here' He decided to head out to a place where he had noticed some later bigger houses that were maybe built thirty years ago, setting off he thought again of seeing the Holy Spirit, It was so hard to reconcile this with the world around him now' and then speaking with Charlie the ex-deacon who had been well advanced in years He had told Tom a few weeks before he died a lady had cane to him with the same report, many years before; and to think he had been giving the old man lifts to the church over those weeks until he was 15 minutes early or so one time and over the cups of tea Charlie made, Charlie affirmed he had heard of such a thing' Tom remembered saying Uncle Charlie; I beleive I may have seen the Holy Spirit' I have been to Tom and Ben; yet they have never heard or seen anything, well say on then' Charlie had simply answered with interest in his eyes,. Tom had spoken to his son, and son in law after the funeral, and they told him they well knew of the event maybe thirty years ago, some things were mean't to be he mused that it would only have been only a few days after speaking with Charlie before he gave prophsey to Ben.. Still back to the days problems.' He had arrived at the houses it seemed quite busy in the small cul de sac of mock tudor build homes..Anyway he negotiated into a space; thinking even the cars not real in the sense of eternity, he checked his box of leaflets Oh no! He had taken his sons ones 'tree & garden; instead of building.' Well it was definiatly too late to go back and change them now, still if it made money for his son time would not be wasted, he laughed inside at this 'what time' He was of the firm opinion by now that more people had proof of God and had seen Him than was widely known' then again there was that phone conversation with Colin Horn that had started on another subject until Tom had thinking on the mans age and experience mentioned what he'd witnessed, he was a retired Church of England vicar this time rater than pentecostal minister, as Charlie had been, still only a second hand report but proof again and just where am I expected to find more people who know of God appearing to mankind in modern times? I am just a normal man with lots of things to do everyday, at this point a drizzle began on the windscreen, he decided to get his thoughts back to just the buisness in front of him, today now! Right now' looking over he noticed a long mid height wall running to his right. Wow just look at all that overgrowth the wall joined on to the side of a house it looked rather a nondiscript place really he wondered if calling it might be a waste of time? Oh well he had to start somewhere; and the rain had stopped time to go!

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Date: 2/11/2018 2:30:00 PM
Hello Harry so good to recieve your comment, which speaks volumes to me, I can see my early belief in your lines, but this type of belief was U K mainstream which I would have learned from my mother, I was not U K school taught, and yet the 'super reality' is much more direct, man has (an appendix and molar teeth) read garden of eden, young earth' our expierience's are of now And revelationary, God bless the best is to come.'
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Date: 2/11/2018 1:15:00 PM
Great story Joe, i believe God made man in his image, and with a brain, enough in there i guess to develop through evolution. one to become so smart, he (man) will find God. literally, and then the game could start all over again. which means it also has an end...
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Date: 2/8/2018 3:27:00 PM
Joe, I was not quite sure the point your story was making. Are you pentecostal? I had a friend once who was. I guess this is about the man seeing some signs. Well, I feel really groggy . I guess my 5.5 hours of sleep last night just did not do the trick for me. I better be off here now. Good seeing you again!
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Maverick Avatar
Joe Maverick
Date: 2/9/2018 10:41:00 AM
Hello again and thanks for the 'groggy reply' I advise no more grog whilst commenting for a start' apart from that I am busy busy busy; apart from when I am not which is quite understandable.' I shall not go into more detail unless I buy a modelling kit, so look up chin up etc, and all the best to your husband Joe who I don't know but then again that is quite understandable, so enough of this soul baring; you know; you would think this is a poetry site.' best regards Joe.
Date: 2/3/2018 5:50:00 AM
Great story telling Joe.. Hope you are well..
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Maverick Avatar
Joe Maverick
Date: 2/3/2018 1:30:00 PM
Hello Si, thank you for visiting today, It is beyond coincidence what has been happening It makes me wonder as to whether we are near to the end times I can see it possible that God could be showing himself in answer to all those who say he does not exist.' And to turn people to salvation'