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The day dawned bright and clear,
Crystal drops shimmer on the still air,
An eagle glides on silent wings,
So's not to spoil God's tranquil scene.

The sun's ray grew wide and strong,
Enveloping the night as dawn came on,
The air was fresh, the birds did sing,
A true gift from God our King.

And yet, just out of sight
The mornings glow was just as bright,
The scene was busy as life went on,
Until lightening and thunder stopped the song.

It was then the scene did change,
As their eyes and lungs did sting,
Smoke and fire was everywhere
And panic screams filled the air,

This can't be true, not here you see,
This land is ours, this land is free.
How and who would soil it's name,
Upon his soul this leaves a stain.

And where am I as this crime is done?
Enjoying God's gifts safe from harm.
Only when I hear the news,
Do I know what we can lose!

As our neighbors lend a hand,
Trying hard to save our friends,
They are proving once again,
A Patriot's Dream can truly win.

They raise Ol' Glory on Iwo Jima,
Or freeze at Valley Forge,
They race up San Juan Hill again,
And feel Pearl Harbor's full force.

Each and every name you read,
That perished from this insane deed,
Can hold their head strong and high,
A hero true for you and I.
Wish I could be there for you 
As they lay you 'neath her soil,
You have given all you could,
God bless your precious soul.

Our forefathers needed to be Free,
So they chose this land,
May our sons and daughters not have died in vein
Please God, Keep Us In Your Hands.

                          Cile Beer
written on the famous 9/11

Copyright © | Year Posted 2005

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Date: 12/9/2017 8:51:00 AM
Hi Marycile! I really enjoyed your well-crafted, powerful piece. Incidentally, this poem is an "Ode"
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Date: 12/6/2017 3:27:00 PM
I see that for your poetry form, you have selected 'I do not know?' Well, if I may, the word you are looking for is splendid. It is a beautiful and clear tribute to our fallen heroes. This poem is perfect, except that in the third line of the last verse, you misspelled vain, and wrote "vein". Otherwise, all I can say is excellent! God has given you a great talent to use for His glory. Thank you for this poignant poem, and keep writing excellent poetry like this.
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