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Those Who Listen

If we, especially in China, Russia, and USA, were more cooperatively in charge among our EarthSouled selves, and less about competitively charging at, shooting at each other and our homes and gardens, less rapacious supremacy against formerly extended cooperative family farmlands and forests; Punishing each other and ourselves for lack of One True HolySpirit wealth of love for all EarthSoul Creations; We might more wisely return each reconstituting year, each new dawn, each new millennium to ancient trusted HolySpirit enculturing wisdoms, Gaian Hypotheses supporting AnimaMundi CoOperatives Rather than Anti-Holonic Patriarchal Spirits of Fundamentalist Jihad JustViolence, of Yang over-investment in LeftBrain errors anti-sacred ecological secularizing, merely deductive EitherOr, reductive too seductive WinLose dominant non-thinking unconscious assumptions, adolescent presumptions without maturely developed ego-eco bilateral consciousness. On each Great Getting Up Dawn of each NewMillennial Year, PostMillennial Age of PermaCulturing Traditions, EarthSoul radically restores therapies re-rooting through prehistoric nutritional wealth; Back toward GoldenRule SpaceTime when EarthSoul's RNA Kingdom was dazed in sunlight with dualdark, inside and out, double-bonding dormancy in-between. A plant's natural root systemic health neither can nor should become dualistically severed, separated, deducted away from its blossoming spiritual environmental wealth, for internal health derives from external ecto-cooperative wealth of co-nurturing trust relationships. Only when EgoInternal health fully matures can we blossom sacred-future seeds furthering diversely integral AnimaMundi HolySpirit Gaian WinWin polypathic principles of notnot double-binomial Zeroism, TaoTipping multiculturally embryonic bilateral creolizing DNA-RNA RealTime Solidarity Economics, Tao SpaceTime Pedagogy, HealthyWealth Traditional-Nutritional Ego/Eco maturing balance, creolizing NatureSpirit Synergies. To wake up to this emergent New PolyCulturing Dawn is to care for EarthSoul health within as also wealth without, DNA-RNA Nutritional Solidarity, sharing gratitude for karmic Elder RightBrain MatriarchalGrace co-passioning cooperative LeftBrain deductions inspiring more WinWin humility of Awe about anthro-engendering divine EarthSoul inspiration. We could make ecopolitical cooperative designs more pedagogically and parentally and politically and economically accessible through deep sacred ecological learning cooperatives, deploying non-violent Win-Win restorative listening homegrown with less Win-Lose punishing dissonance; pathology through deductive-dominant human error. Sometimes LeftBrain dominance misbehaves with less nutritionally sustainable intelligence than your average MotherTree reforesting ParadiseLost. Restoring EarthSoul Paradise Potential unraveling memories of cooperative enterprises and constitutions, healthy interactional work that reweaves democratizing deep time. Each Ego's deep sacred time invites messianic bodhisattva descent back into inescapable grief and despair of past LeftBrain deductions too Yang-dominant choices of retributive injustice for WinLose sub-optimal outcomes; Meanwhile devaluing creolizing WinWin Yang-Yin ecological restoration of balance through Traditional Gaian NatureSpirit Principles, Cooperative GoldenRule Laws of WinWin Revolution speak through silent whisper-felt noticing within each double-binding Elder Matriarchal RightBrain heart leaping for interdependent wonder of and for Original DNA-RNA Solidarity of HealthyWealth; Democratic Constitutional Intent. LeftBrain dominant parenting and teaching, voting, and other behaviors not fully advocating universal healthcare giving and receiving for all diverse climates and landscapes and species, organs and guilds, constitutions and incorporations karmas and graces internal and external, is not only sacrilege, an ego-excommunicating choice against profoundly interdependent EarthSoul, but monoculturing excess is perhaps as blatantly anti-constitutional as one might treasonously and anti-matriotically regress. It remains our sacred Regenerative Enlightenment duty to listen to our most polyculturally wise Elders and to post-millennially teach climate balance between humane DNA multicultures and larger RNA-DNA EarthSoul Solidarity Networks; one global, still integrating, cooperative-dominant community. Jewish teachers spoke of civil leadership using a suffering public servant metaphor, mythically eco-messianic. LaoTsu called for interdependent EarthSoul wisdom of WuWei Way; Ego-emptiness through deepening ecologically interdependent rich valleys of timeless bilateral balancing health moving mountains of cancerously climatic pathology. His sonnets were directed to all parents, leaders, mentors, teachers, preachers, rulers, CEOs seeking nutritionally cooperative empowerment of EarthSoul, HolySpirit within as without, below as above, secular as sacred, nature as spirit, deduced as SacredElder induced, WinWin outcomed as LeftRight bilaterally chosen.

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