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The Whips Of History - 3

We will be the trustees of life's passions...
The villas of villainous Rome are burning behind me
from Capua to the Cisalpine Alps the skyline is smoldering from her savage sins,
monuments of luxury built, furnished,  and sustained by generations of misery
crumbling in the aftermath of egalitarian fury, disintegrating under drumbeats of the damned
however, the panic and ashes of an institution being incinerated
will not sate our souls, our reparation includes much more than vengeful demand,
we are no longer the damned, we are the liberated,
Her senate of debauched snakes have declared you and I outlaws
according to the law of nations we are disobedient property
to them we are animals that have discovered our claws
yet here we are, not as slaves or heartbroken beasts, rather we are heros of humanity, 
we are the letters of a new law, the legions of a divine discipline
the world has awoken to our march, to our lightning it will listen,

The world has awoken to our march, to our lightning it will listen, 
Why has God allowed mankind to enslave one another Ammar...
Allah does not allow the actions of men, He judges their intention...
It is undeniable that freedom exists in the very fibers of our behavior, 
so why is it that we attempt to take away what God gave to all...
Throughout the world there are people too weak and too demoralised
to honor that freedom you speak of Yosef, they are lambs amid a wolf's howl...
Has God not provided adequate resources for humanity to be harmonized...
Do not mistake suffering and subjugation for chaos Yosef...
It is true, that the holy law of Sharia and Talmud condone slavery
as soldiers slay the will of the enemy and merchants collect the coin, pitying not the bereft...
Infidels and gentiles are no different than creatures caught in a web of spiritual vulnerability, 
struggling to free themselves of indiscretions...
Captivity can be the catalyst for self empowering revelations...

Captivity can be the catalyst for self empowering revelations...
Here we sit in Istanbul,  slave market to the world Yosef, brokering for the beaten and bamboozled
as the Arabs, Persians,  Greeks and Romans did in Byzantium, Constantinople and now with Ottomans,
a tradition and business predating Mohammed, Christ and Moses, and before Nimrod ruled,
every year tens of thousands of desolate men, women and children
come through these showrooms terrified of the unknown tradewinds
stepping up onto the auction blocks of economic barbarity naked to the raw bargain, 
the currents of muslim markets carry these wretches whom homeland and fortune abandons
to the great bizzars, taken from Ireland,  France, Spain, from Zanzibar to Russia
abducted by Barbary and Somali pirates, Tatar raiders cable towing countless peasents...
Yes Ammar, and Bantu Africans by the millions have been manhandled into a diaspora
from millennia of intertribal warfare, with Arab and muslim merchants capitalizing on their weakness,
this is why the interior of Africa is not converted to Islam, to keep the market well swollen...
Injustice is just an inconvenience until it is proven...


Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 8/21/2016 4:27:00 AM
I feel like I am being catapulted in different areas of the world in time.. I am impressed and in awe on how you could sit down and write something like this Justin. "Captivity can be the catalyst for self empowering revelations" That section leaves me emotional as we often ask ourselves why God, or whichever being we worship, allows humanity to suffer. And to deny humanity freedom, is to deny man of themselves. Yet in our captivity, so much is to be learned. Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 8/22/2016 2:05:00 AM
Your flowering intelligence, and inquisitive heart has made me so jubilant Poetess! Your beautiful exploration into the nature of the human condition is precisely what I wanted to encourage with this composition. Through adversity we can appreciate what we can achieve Laura...J.A.B.
Date: 8/18/2016 7:44:00 AM
I like the assertive uprising in your first sonnet in this part of your write. Very strong and emotional.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 8/18/2016 6:20:00 PM
I decided to pivot this composition on the third Servile Revolt of ancient Rome, it simply made perfect sense to do so. I wrote the powerful speech of the 9th sonnet from the perspective and spirit of Spartacus, well before he and his followers were doomed to be conquered and crucified. In doing so I believe the speech transcends the time period, and I believe that the principles and spirit of the speech can inspire people in any time or place whom perceive themselves as being disenfranchised and who are willing to work hard to earn respect and liberty James...J.A.B.