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the way of bright honour

o seeker read these words and weep
for thy soul so still asleep
as yet unawakened to
this world of love divine and deep

o seeker hear these words and sigh
thy soul and god are ever nigh
divided by the doors of mu
unopened 'til the day we die

unless by dint of effort one
may bring the doors of mu undone
enjoying thus enlightenment
ye lama, sufi, saint or nun

what is the point of seeking this
when life is won by kill or kiss
and pleasure reaps its own reward
why bother with eternal bliss?

yet the mystic path endures
the sacred flame divine allures
the love of truth and wisdom high
even though all love injures

o seeker fill thy heart with joy
all pain dissolves if thou employ
the wisdom of which masters speak
to each and every girl and boy

o seeker fill thy mind with wonder
if ye hear the sound of thunder
understand the lightning strikes
to split the living tree asunder

for if the living tree survive
rent to the heart exposed alive
what might it say to bears about
the bee, the honey and the hive?

so can thy soul be struck by love
from below or from above
when the bolt is from the hand
invisible without the glove

ember in the hearth of home
star of truth high in the dome
hand of divine destiny
pearly shell become the comb

mother earth and father sky
long ago created i
living songline living still
o seeker dost thou wonder why?

o seeker pray and meditate
live and love and contemplate
render naught to worthy not
raise thy children true and straight

o seeker sing a soft refrain
perceptive be and still remain
turn the blade of vagary
with harmony for love to reign

is life through which we fleeting pass
a grain of sand inside the glass
or the eye that sees it fall
compassionate despite the farce?

how great the beauty so sublime
of poesy replete with rhyme
harmonic of the simple truth
transcending bonds of mortal time

i heard thee calling from afar
ahura mazda avatar
keeper of the sacred flame
sent through the doors of time ajar

thy silent voice so sentient
spake words of wisdom and lament
once heard in kingdoms of the rose
still written in the roses scent

simple message yearning for
one open heart from evermore
light on water musical
perfumed garden, divine law

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 3/28/2015 7:56:00 PM
Fantastically knowledgeable and splendidly Detailed. This is good poetry. V.B Rogers
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Date: 3/3/2015 6:16:00 PM
Hi Steven, you have penned some very deep thoughts about the meaning and mysteries of life here. (I noticed you mentioned "Mu." Have you read about Lemuria, aka Mu, too?) I especially liked the lines: "What is the point of seeking this, when life is won by kill or kiss?" Your poem appears to have been written by one of the British Romantic Poets. It's quite a talent to be able to convey thoughts in this manner. Welcome to Poetry Soup! Hugs, Carolyn
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hanlon Avatar
steven hanlon
Date: 3/3/2015 7:43:00 PM
g'day carolyn thankyou for your kind words and welcome. yes my understanding is that the continent of mu or lemuria is a mythological land populated by a race of people who communicated by singing over long distances much like i am doing now, singing down the wire as it were. aboriginal songlines here in oz and the ley lines of the celts were their internet cables i guess. the doors of mu is a dual reference to the door in our consciousness which separates us from our soul or universal self as in zen buddhism and also to the sound 'barrier' which prevents us from truly hearing the song of life whether it be in the form of another human being speaking to us or the sound of the living moment. i'm not sure if being of irish heritage qualifies me as a british romantic but i'm sure a few of them, like me, had an interest in islamic mysticism or sufism. sorry for the long-winded reply, great to hear from you