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The Warlord Wars No More -1

Clemency is a quality that I never understood
until after I crucified the Cilician pirates on Pergamus,
amusing isn't it, that I see mercy where brutality stood,
Death has a heartbeat for all of us,
there's no greater mystery than our destination in death
perhaps Death is God
a silent sublimity in the absence of breath,
and as we lye upon the pyre as a smoldering facade
the atrium of our existence caving in
the galleries of our life peeling away
we reach for the burning lesson
that was overlooked in the opulence of day,
when the pomp of our passions retire
the truth of Life's desire sings in the fire,

The truth of Life's desire sings in the fire
and what of the soul in the aftermath of the ashes
will the gladiator and actor be for hire,
will the gods scourge or celebrate with laurels or lashes
the promises, pain and performances
of us, the simple and divine,
are we to possess faces and voices
upon another amphitheater's feathered shine
or is immortality merely a musing of mankind, 
a phoenix in the memory of upcoming generations,
where roams Alexander now, what of his conquering mind,
has he vanished within the Void's limitations, 
death allows me to justify both mercy and lethality
for it is in our mortality that we love creative liberty,

For it is in our mortality that we love creative liberty,
does Rome have a soul,
does She have a shadow stretching into eternal territory
is Her spectrum of strenuous spirit a gruelling growl
born to be lost in the iron frost
of warfare's winter
only to be an echo in the springtime boast
of a new Nation's strike to power,
erstwhile the Etruscan etymology for supremacy
couldn't escape the root meaning of fate,
Greek genius gaveway not to giants or elastic legality
rather, the geometry of battle grit put it on the post mortem slate,
Carthage collapsed after centuries of sea trade feast
heros and helmsmen crushed under Time's heavy crest,

Heros and helmsmen crushed under Time's heavy crest,
Quaster Antony, what say you of my grim ramblings...
I think you've got too much Transalpine ditch wine in your chest,
were you raised by Druids or Romans...
Come on now you blithe beast,
pray tell where the speartip of your mind's spirituality goes...
Who knows what shores the dead arrive at Gauis,
immortality and the sails of souls are the purview of the gods,
glory, grief and graveyards are the guarantees of our seeds,
I say we let the Gauls and Germans worry about their future existence
after we excise the eyes from their arrogant heads,
I've been a soldier since I was fifteen, I'm not a sentimentalist,
as for my speartip, I'm going to spread love with my Helvetii mistress...
Pay heed to those deeds from whence the heart must confess...


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/3/2018 2:20:00 AM
Wow - loving this Justin - I'm very intrigued. "glory, grief and graveyards are the guarantees of our seeds" First stanza's my favorite - the notion that God is Death, and the rhyming is on point! The sound of the God/facade pairing is nice... "death allows me to justify both mercy and lethality" - the fixation on death interests me. Interesting, looking forward to the next section... Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 3/9/2018 12:09:00 AM
Continued-3-...Everyone wants to be a leader when the decisions are easy and the glory indisputable, but who can lead well when weights like that are placed upon the soul...interestingly, there are many ignorant people out there whom don't know that Julius Caesar was a very successful diplomant while engaged in military campaigns and thus saved countless lives from butchery, starvation and doom. He was also a wonderful poet, orator, and Administrator...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 3/8/2018 11:58:00 PM
Continued-2-...I spent much time considering how to break into this composition, meaning, how to start the fire of poetry. Needless to say, I opted to begin this epic poem with Caesar reflecting on the meaning of clemency, or, clementia as is Latin, and how his decision to weild death upon those deserving of it changed his life, his soul and outlook. Remember Laura, he was just a young man when he dispensed this roman justice on more than a dozen men, crucifying them. Alas, I commence with him as a middle aged General in Gaul, approaching the pinnacle of his warring career, and at this point, responsible for the deaths of arguably 500,000 people. That reality puts a very heavy thought of life's meaning, and karma on one's mind. This great man has the power to save lives, and to extinguish them. Men would follow him into agony and death...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 3/8/2018 11:30:00 PM
Continued...As always Poetess, your eye is eager and bright, noticing the fixation of Caesar on what I call the life/death paradox. A defining moment in Gaius' life was when at the age of 24 or so, he was abducted by notorious pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, on his way to Greece to sharpen his great aptitude for elocution, probably at Athens. His several weeks in captivity are extraordinary; he dealt with his captors as a teacher would unruly students, and showed no fear, lecturing them on a multitude of subjects, deriding their collective stupidity, and reciting poetry. They thought him quite strange. The pirates would learn that they received much more than they bargained for. After the ransom came in, being set free, and with the Roman Governor of the region corrupt and procrastinating justice, Caesar boldly returned with a small mercenary band and crucified all the pirates he could apprehend...J.A.B.
Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 3/8/2018 11:03:00 PM
Yes my beautiful Poetess, Death has a revelation for us all, amongst the flesh and in the eternal fire of creation. You first quote the pragmatist, the one who understands the immediate touch of life, and then you quote the shot caller, the one who's judgement makes history. I am proud to say that this work is very symphonic, and your pleasure of it's rhythm makes me feel very good Laura...Justin