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The Sprigs And Spirit Of Sistine -2

I'm known as the serpent
but I have a name wise and wonderful too,
I loved Adam well before Eve came into being
I remember how his first sunset scared him
I ate grapes with him as roses bloomed at dawn,
watching them hold hands hurts me,
seeing them kiss with fervor
makes me sick with seething sorrow,
look at her shy stupidity
how eager she is for his arms,
she's so voluptuous and smooth,
no, I won't let this excuse for love go on,

Hello Eve, it's nice to see you happy,
how is Adam staying busy...
Oh, Adam is searching for a gift to give me,
he calls it a jewel, says it glimmers like a star...
Hmmmm, he always knew how to find the neatest things...
We feel so safe and strong together...
That's great Eve, tell me,
what's your favorite food here, in this garden...
Oh, the pears are heaven...
Have you ever tried the apple...
Well no, Father said no way,
Adam and I mustn't eat of it,
the apple could get us into trouble, serious trouble...
Father isn't always clear,
but He said something about good and evil,
innocence and suffering, I don't know,
it doesn't matter, we would never disobey Father...
Oh, I understand, He's waiting until you and Adam
become smarter, more mature, then He'll share...
Geeee, maybe...
Well what happens 
when you eat the other fruits of divine creation...
It's incredible, a rush of joy
jumps into my mind,
I feel electric...
The apple is no different, well, except the ecstasy...
What's ecstasy...
Imagine becoming a glorious star
high and heroic, super smart
just for a few moments, 
your Father would never even know...


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 9/7/2017 10:03:00 PM
Taking in your words this evening is bringing me great joy, Justin! I love this arrant and sassy segment of the series. Yes, the serpent is wise and wonderful. Very interesting, the jealousy he expresses in the first stanza. What can I say, apples will always be my favorite fruit. Cheers Justin! I'll be back for more. Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 9/9/2017 1:46:00 PM
I had a unique vision of not just coexitence, but also a sentimental history between the Serpent and Adam. The Serpent had a love for Adam, and Eve was seen as an unbearable interloper. The Serpent's cunning is absolutely chilling in motivation, and execution. The juxtaposition of Eve's naivety and the Serpent's wicked jealousy is palpable, the consequence, lamentable Laura...J.A.B.