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The Sprigs And Spirit Of Sistine -17

I never wanted to be your mighty mouthpiece
I never asked to be the morning trumpet
in the troubled town
or the prophet clown
that would be scorned from all around,
I just wanted to be a mason
like my forefathers before me
to build homes and temples
with honest tools that my heart could handle
to have a family that could worship you
with a love that would never need to lean,
but you demanded that I go to Nineveh
speaking to me like some inflexible father
pushing me with the wind
scolding me with a stubborn sun
chilling me in the nervous night
so I ran,
I ran to the sea so I could be me
found a ship sailing for Italy,
but your wrath found me on the water
tossed the ship to tip
and there I was adrift
worried that this was it,
swallowed by a whale
thinkin that I failed
I prayed to you with passion
pled to be undead,
you, oh Lord, brought me back to the living,
your mercy taught me about the calling,
in my second chance
I received my first glance
of this great gift,
to you, oh Lord, I look for love...


I began composing this composition on April 24th,
and have completed it, through the grace of Providence
at 2:39 am on May 24th, 2017...30 continuous days,
approximately 120 hours of labor.
This poem is inspired by, and dedicated to 
the great men and women of the Old Testament, 
and to the divine genius of Michelangelo Bounarroti
and his masterwork of the Sistine Chapel...Justin A. Bordner

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 9/23/2017 2:30:00 AM
Sometimes we are not given a pearl and a coin to choose from. Some are push pulled and obligated to serve the world, through love, obedience and respect. A great closing prayer through the voice of Jonah to end this composition, Justin. I'm simply blown away by all of this.. It's a lot to digest. Thank you always for such a thrilling experience. I look forward to going over this again. Always, Laura
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 10/9/2017 5:09:00 PM
It is said that Michelangelo's portrait of the Prophet Jonah was revolutionary in style, the angle and shading truly masterful, and of course, the lively fish he painted along side of Jonah is a brilliant display of artistic allusion Laura. On the ceiling, Jonah is painted above and behind the alter of the chapel where he looks up to the Almighty in the first scene of the Creation narrative of Genesis, God busy putting the Universe in order and motion directly above the alter. Therefore, I finished the composition with Jonah looking to the Lord for love and guidance. Your respect and excitement for this epic of mine is a great gift Poetess, thank you...Justin
Date: 7/23/2017 2:44:00 PM
Praise the Lord may God be glorified in your writings. God bless. Blessed.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 7/24/2017 6:33:00 PM
Always lena, always...thank you...J.A.B.