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The Right Thing?

I carry no sign at your demonstrations
All points of the debate usually elude me
Can it truly be this obvious, the right thing?

No issue or belief fits me perfectly
Yet I see your point, feel your pain, and acknowledge your outrage
You are shining points, too bright to look at straight on
So I look away

My generation has learned tolerance and embraced differences
Yet we are scorned by our fathers for being deceived and losing our morality
Was it so moral to be racist, to be judgmental, and to teach hatred?
To be suspicious of everyone different from yourself?
To choose my friends and challenge me into doing all the bad things you worried 
I would do?

What should I tell my children?
Can I possibly burden them with all of the responsibility that comes with caring, 
or can there be compassion in limited measure?
I see now that “we the people” is dead…for now it is all about "me"
Every right that is taken away silently and in the guise of “help” is slowly killing 
our future…

I don’t like everything I hear, but I can still enjoy silence if I choose
I may not believe in your cause…
(Do you really believe, or are you following?)
But I do believe in my ability to choose a cause, or to ignore it

While we spend all of our time trying to put down, push out, or get ahead
We perpetuate a putrid and decaying nation of zombies
The sides we choose to rally to are no more than smoke and mirrors,
Yet we scream ourselves hoarse amidst the din

It is so difficult to be strong, but still discerning and rational
We are hackled by the responsibility of teaching our children "the right thing"
And even though we might not know, we must show our true hearts everyday

It is not other races, other religions, other nationalities, or other opinions that 
Strike fear into my confused heart
It is criminals set free to hurt again
It is radical sects that fuel hatred and plot death
It is lack of respect for our Nation and our Heritage
It is Censorship, Propaganda, and Deception spewed by our own Government
It is gross lack of parenting and complete disregard for family

My opinion of you is not defined by your color, sexual preference, weight, dress, 
nationality, or political interests
It is defined by your conviction to what you hold true
Your dedication to your cause and family
Your ability to listen to the whole story
Your generosity and kindness
Your Tolerance, and if you choose, Your Apathy

As long as you realize the prize you have in being able to make that choice.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2006

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