The Queens Conjurer

Poet's Notes

The beginning quote is by an Australian Poet Judith Wright. It describes an alchemist to perfection.

Don't look up 'twaberment' because  it is a word I invented that came to me in a dream. It means the total sum of knowledge some one gains to arrive at a theory.

Summary of objectives for the poem:
Observer addressing all humankind
The study of magic

Past tense
Observing the reaction of all the people to the mysterious equipment and to the motives of the conjurer for invocating mysterious powers and intrigue

Free verse with italicized stanzas in between, use of some end rhymes and alliteration.

[not happy with the over all meter yet.  * needs polishing]

There is an attempt with the stanzas to help organize the ideas and events

The story tries to capture the uncertainty of a mysterious wizard-like character believed to have been a conjurer in the 1500's in Queen Mary's reign. It follows him to a point where he leaves on a voyage of escape to avoid political and religious investigation.

The poem makes a general statement that there is magic to be found and the conjurer
delved as deeply as any mortal could to achieve mastery over life

There is a connotation in the poem that poets attempt the same magic in the zodiacs of their own wit.

Stanza 1
Makes an observation of the magician staging a show, the skill behind the scenes and the crowds wonder and almost fearfulness for the mystery encountered

Stanza 2
Reinforces this mindset of their opinion

Stanza 3
Builds on the magician's strange equipment and means of calling down power.

Stanza 4
Gives a warning.

Stanza 5
Builds further on the combination of knowledge and nature to give special power.

Stanza 6
The Conjuror begins to be tricked by his own knowledge and by dishonest people around him.

Stanza 7

Expands on the idea that truth and reason can be distorted the more that political and ambitious get involved.


Stanza 8

Even the poets get involved in the great quest.

Stanza 9
At last total confusion at prophecies and lies. Fear and fleeing and futility
become the main force of this second to last stanza.

Stanza 10
A summary of the life of the scientists aims and aspirations thwarted.




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All things that glow and move,
all things that change and pass,
I gather their delight
as in a burning-glass;
Judith Wright

The Queen's Conjurer
'Given to magic and uncanny arts'
'Art mathematical' to make strange works
 Genius of movement artificial
Mechanical scarab perceived in flight
Miracles  and marvels  to rival  God, 
Pneumatics, mirrors, secret pulleys, springs;
 Much wonder does such kinaesthesia bring
to an audience ignorant of such things

Rumours spread that he employs diabolic means
"Hugger muggerey abounds, "they say
"He has become a companion of Hell hounds"
Conjuror of wicked and evil damned things.
In the Queen's Palace dispensing advice
Master of all the marvels of science 
His chambers are but a labyrinth of books
 Botanic study, Astrology, Theology,
hieroglyphic monad's from the zodiac
All about him reeked of subjects mysterious
crystal balls, cryptic maps,  looking glasses,
He dabbled in demonology, 
And in the languages of Angels
 to induce latent forces of heaven and earth. 
Alchemic distilling of smoking potions
Clear bright  liquids of thrixotropic sky
Tinctures of lilac, jet and aquamarine
 Magical  seals wrapt up  in blood red silk
Paraphernalia of the most dastardly ilk
Beware the blazing star, the fiery Trigon
Beware the stranger, the melancholic one,
His powers to summon up bright squadrons
Beware  of knowing unknowable things
A shape-shifter brings unseemly doings.
Accusations of sorcery abound, 
Powder ground from the Philosopher's stone
Strange Adamic alphabets, origins 
 of a language God used to name living things
 Invocations to the four directions of wind
Solstice, equinox and on full moons
calling on all the secrets of Angels, 
Spells translated from Agrippa's Magic Book 
Cryptic information from archangels
A treasure of heavenly wisdom, or 
is it the basest of trickery? Alas 
In his obsession to know all, the Conjurer ,
fell under the spell of a  wicked trickster.
Such a cauldron of knowledge was "Mortlake"
 A place for resurrecting  wisdom,
 For conjuring ideas from old ways of thinking
So many converged for this common cause
 A Polish prince clothed  in robes of bright purple,
 seeking to obtain the Kingdom of Moldavia
Sponsor of Paracelsus foreseen  by Galvah
Even a  gentle Italian friar
 referring to formulas by Pythagoras
 motifs of magic  to shadow  ideas
As spirits skipped brightly through addled minds
 Playful Madimi, morose Murifri,
 proclaiming, "Hell itself, of Earth, is weary "
Direct descendants of "Areopagus"
a manifesto in Defense of Poesy"
rotated in a zodiac of their own wit'
Were Westonia's  fiery words 
kindled here at mysterious Mortlake?
Prophecies came to them in visions,
 of the great 'Armada' and the Queen's be-heading
 Soon after a great tempest at midnight,
 all secretly embarked from Gravesend
to fantastic and frightening domains
from which none of them  would return unchanged.
In the dead of night past the Traitor's gate
Fled this intelligencer for the Queen
A spy, clandestine, eluding capture
for  the "Poyson of Supposed Prophecies'
 his 'heedless hap' left to the perils of the sea.
His life of secrets, of numbers and words
The power of magic in all little things
Trifling in  the darkest of powers
he landed in  dire consequence,
Twiddler of Thaumaturgy  and wonders 
Genius of Inter- traffique of thought
Tweaking his infinite 'twaberment'
for his complete mastery over life.

© Suzanne Delaney

For John Dee
Scientist of the Elizabethan Age
His last entry was
Pactum Factum, 'pact fulfilled.'

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 8/10/2015 8:44:00 PM
Suzanne.. This is an epic write and win.. A fabulous story that captivates!
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Date: 8/4/2015 1:35:00 AM
Congrats on ur awesome winning write Suzanne!
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Suzanne Delaney
Date: 8/5/2015 5:41:00 PM
Thanks Dr. Upma: I appreciate your kind wishes.
Date: 8/2/2015 11:55:00 PM
Suzanne, Congratulations, on your win. Thank you for supporting my contest. SKAT
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Suzanne Delaney
Date: 8/5/2015 5:40:00 PM
Thanks SKAT: Fun to have somewhere to show off this lumbering poem.
Date: 8/1/2015 6:00:00 AM
Hi Suz, Just want to let you know that I was here. Will be back later to read again as I feel I did not do justice to your poem, I was distracted, it's time to prepare dinner. Be back...hugs!
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Suzanne Delaney
Date: 8/5/2015 5:39:00 PM
Hi Kim: Yes this is a lot of poem to wade through. When Skat asked for EPIC she got it with this one. lol Thanks for saying hello.