The Pain of A Searing Loss

How long and how long will you continue to wallow in pains.
The pity party will bring no relief.
Life is a mixed bag of stuffs that may not be pleasant to handle.
All the same even when we falter and fall, are scattered and crushed, we must pick and piece the crumbs together.
we must not let the down fall of today ruin us.
Life is a roller coaster and we must ride the curves through the peaks and troughs.

Pains they say sharpen the brain. However true this is,  it may be hard to see.
Cry if you must, stand alone if you need to, but never ever destroy yourself while at it.
There are things in our lives we must face, we only fail if we allow them to keep us down.
The sun will shine again certainly and the rain will also have its day.
Try and try again to bring yourself out of it.

Love and loving are a hard thing.
Fate brings along this burden as a double-edged sword.
When it lasts, it is super sweet and when it ends awfully bitter.
Never allow the bitter pains to grow into a painful hate.
Paths will cross again and you will never know what fate holds.

Drowning in an ocean of emotions?
Never let go your anchor of love, it is your stay.
Sometimes you need to push the sweet memories back to ease the pain.
But memories must last a life time.
We must conquer the hurt.

Finding the perfect one is not as good as having them.
Time and chance can change everything.
We may beat ourselves up and regret that we miss the timing.
We must remember that the Divine just sets our course.
If fate allows our paths will cross again and we can hold each other and smile forever.

Que Sera, Sera

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 9/13/2017 10:00:00 AM
wow! that was very, very nice! i was totally absorbed for that moment; truer words have never been spoken, and your wisdom and advice is timely too. great effort and i enjoyed myself immensely. God bless! cheers!
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