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The List

Anti war activists, gay rights activists,
Green Peace, Pro Choice and women's groups activists. 
Anyone who dares protest, anyone known who dare to resist
have all been placed on 
America's Homeland Security Suspected Terrorist Watch List.
Hitler managed to round up hundreds of innocent Jews overnight successfully
and confine them to concentration camps where they were treated most brutally.
Executions and torture occurred in great masses of many.
I assume that all now reading are familiar with that record of history.
How was Adolf Hitler able to do all of this?
All persecuted were on 
Germany's Fatherland Security Enemy Watch List.
We are all currently witnessing a prerequisite of history everyone.
The List, you can't close down an open society without one.
President Obama promised change and so I now do ask him this,
"Why in the bloody hell does this "watch list" still presently exist?"

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 6/14/2011 8:04:00 AM
A dangerous, and frightening, situation is an unfortunate truth that all such efforts to increase security and protect the populace end up, instead, suppressing the citizenry, curtailing rights, and imposing unreasonable and insufferable restrictions, accompanied by "trust us; it's for your own good; and, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be concerned!" A nicely worded warning call, much needed.
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TheKidster Avatar
Billy TheKidster
Date: 6/14/2011 9:06:00 AM
I mean this from my heart Leo. You are very brave to come foward and post your comment, but I would fully understand if you want to delete it. By just associating with me you can end up on the "watch list" as well.