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The Essence of True Love

The walls were white, the doors crystal clear entries,
Which had eyes and mouths,
To answer the queries of the Queen, when, she wanted 
To know what was happening in other worlds!
The land was one of stability,
With no calamity, no impending doom or gloom!

But the Queen was fed up of all of this quietude,
She wanted thrills, she wanted danger,
She wanted challenges, she wanted turmoils!

She walked around with her golden gown long and shiny,
Her skin was so smooth and chocolate colored
That one looking at her would think that she is unreal,
Or maybe, that she is a doll, having been fabricated
To personify physical perfection!

Her eyes, honeyed brown, were always sparkling
And her lips, full and round,
Were always lost in a pout!

Where is your next destination? asked the clear crystals
I desire to go there where I can see love,
I desire to identify love, 
And to lose myself into utmost submission to it!

Then, said the crystals, Earth is the place for you
But mind you!  Many of those who have set foot there
Never ever return, so powerful is the illusory powers
Of that which rules it, known as the Maya!

Ha! said the Queen, I am not scared, I am mightier
Than illusion!

Within the snap of fingers, the Queen, made of steel
Appeared in a busy city, where she noted, people's faces
Were creased and wrinkled, as if they carried the burden 
Of the world on their shoulders!

She roamed about till night fell when she saw how people
Would kill, mercilessly, without regret, to get some money,
Or some food, whichever they needed most!

How can love be found here? asked a bewildered Queen,
This world is made of selfishness and of cruelty
Better was I alone and comfortable, in my own world!

That was when she saw a man, who glanced her way
Seemingly looking like he could be a King!
His eyes burnt hers with cold indifference, but, when he came over,
She lost her balance and tripped, so much that he kindly
Offered her his helping arms!

The Queen was astounded, she has finally met with love
But love, she noted, remained cold towards her, for 
Reasons known to itself!

The Queen chose to forsake her soveignty, abiding to love's ways
So much that she soon forgot she came from afar
And adorned herself with the hope that someday
Her love would be aknowledged!

She walks still on Earth,
Faithful to love,
Adorning herself with patience, as, in the very end,
This is the very essence of true love;
Suffering its pangs to fulfill it!

8 Feb 2019
Yes, I would read it to a child.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/24/2019 4:07:00 PM
Thank you, Anoucheka, for entering my, “A Fairy Tale for Children” contest. Great children story with colorful imagery and feeling. Congratulations on your win in my contest. Stop by and visit my blog. Hugs Eve ~`*
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