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The Equus

Choice and a destiny,
something on their mind,
the usual resolution
or a prisoner confined.

Snow, rain or thunder,
shut in, cannot be outside,
trapped and frightened,
or man whipping at their side.

Angelic and innocent,
things not easily forgot,
comfortable living 
or their soul and mind left to rot.

Fear and mechanics,
broke their beauty for many years,
if dare resist, only hit harder,
confirming their many fears.

A servant and companion
for mankind all these centuries,
yet subject to relentless cruelty,
like the land, sea and trees.

Stop, look and listen,
what are they trying to say?
Perhaps a simple question
of safety, comfort, food and play!

There are a special few,
who listen to their souls,
understanding their nature,
as adults and young foals.

A promise of a language,
both can try to understand,
no punishment required,
a mutual respect of a command.

Time is all that is needed,
 to get things good and right,
or the same thing is done over and over,
resulting in a fight. 

Look at their ears, in their eyes,
hear them breathe and sigh,
man has started to change their method
and ask how and why.

They have survived the ice age,
roamed our earth for so long,
a question of what we love about them,
where did it all go wrong.

A chief would ride in full gallop,
shooting arrows from their back,
how was this possible in the open prairie,
no whip, spur or tack?

Caring for their young,
not weaned from their mother too soon,
in nature’s elements on the land,
under the sun, stars and moon.

Some cowboys, they did their best,
others sacrificed their health,
by selling their horses dignity and soul,
to entertain their own wealth. 

Cavalry and order, 
corruption, war and theft,
a new rule when training,
we must do everything on the left.

For years this was the law,
the only way it should be done,
a chief’s prayer has been reborn,
mother nature has won.

If possible, perhaps the horses
would smile and be joyous,
man has found the old path again,
to return their dignity, little fuss.

Majestic and innocent, 
yet so fragile, our friend the Equus,
a servant of the earth,
a living being and a right to equal us.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 7/23/2019 3:33:00 AM
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