The Catterfairy contest

Have you ever seen a catterfairy?
Many found her to be quite scary,

She came out of her cocoon others said to soon
And only part of her had seemed to bloom.

Her green body dragged on the cold wet ground
Yet her face was like an angel and her wings were profound.

She had passed many animals, insects and fish
Though she was rejected by them all...she still held on to one special wish.

That someday she would gracefully fly
Far past all their critical eyes.

Show the world who she was inside
Never again feel the need to isolate and hide.

One day a mouse with two pointy green tails
Scuttled by her sobbing with a horrendous wail.

The catterfairy filled with compassion asked him what was wrong
The mouse pointed to his two tails and said “I’m not special or strong”

No one paid him any mind too
For his difference made others constantly ridicule.

The catterfairy said, "My dream is to fly"
"I am different too and can’t understand why"

At that moment they became the best of friends,
Their uniqueness became a treasure that helped them make amends

With whom they really were
Instantly feelings of loneliness became a blur.

The mouse one day had a marvelous idea
It would help his dear friend overcome a deep fear.

If he held up the catterfairys body while she attempted to fly
It would make her light enough so she could soar through the sky

Then, they both would graciously shine
Linked together till the end of time.

At once the mouse lifted the beautiful catterfairy's body high,
Holding on intensely, she got her wish and they both kissed the cold ground goodbye.

The catterfairy has human emotions and shows us how hard it can be when your different in our society. people judge others so often by how they look or if they have a disability. we all need love and friends and we have too look deeper than the outside. Someone will always come and lift that person up who feels rejected or different. Thank God we are all different. how boring this earth would be if we were all the same. Never try to be like anyone else for there is only one YOU and you are needed.

By: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © | Year Posted 2012

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Date: 5/25/2012 10:32:00 AM
Again GREAT. Congratulations on the win.
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Date: 5/24/2012 6:30:00 PM
WOW! Sabina this is awesome,,, congratulations In Debbie, Fairy Tail Contest"' it was an amazing hit ;-) have yourself a good one~PD
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Date: 5/24/2012 9:45:00 AM
A fun spirited story poem with a wonderful message !! All creatures, not some, Big and small are beautiful in God's eye....that we had that vision !! Congrats on your placement in the contest. Enjoyed reading your poem !!
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Date: 5/24/2012 6:48:00 AM
Congratulations on your well deserved win Sabina. Love, Carol
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Date: 5/24/2012 2:21:00 AM
Sabina congrats on your win..David
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Date: 5/16/2012 7:54:00 AM
One of the best I've ever read. I love story poems... and particularily those with morals. I've been trying to write a book of modern day fables with my poetry... You found my heart (And for many years I was treated bad due to my epilepsy and syncopy. After 20 years of working side by side I finally gained everyone's respect.
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Nicole Avatar
Sabina Nicole
Date: 5/16/2012 8:08:00 AM
Wow!!! thank you, I love story poems too and the only respect you need is Gods and he will raise you up, I am so happy for you that you are doing well some of the best people suffer the worst, however in the end they make the greatest impact on this earth!!! I wish you all the best:)
Date: 5/15/2012 10:27:00 PM
Well Said sabina!!! very well indeed... big hugs, love, deb
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