The Broken Pieces

I still remember the day I found you,
because that was the day I found myself.
You turned my world upside down,
It was a fairytale in which I dwelled.

I loved you much, much much more
Than I ever did love anything else.
Because you were the moon in my pitch dark sky
And the shooting star, that in my backyard, fell.

I didn’t even realize when I let down my guard,
And let you know me inside out.
I stood there with nothing but my naked heart
And never regretted or had a doubt.

I didn’t know why they said good things come to an end,
And all fairytales have a full stop.
Until the day it all changed and came crashing down
The bubble I resided in, did pop.

The reality hit us and hit us hard,
When we realized we could never be.
We were destined to break apart and forget what we had,
Become “Me” and “You” from “We”.

From then on, it’s been all about separation,
About letting you go but holding on to my heart.
About no more conversations, no more bringing smiles,
About being near the finishing line yet going back to the start.

It’s been some days, some months I think,
You’re gone only never to return.
The Sun has set, the chapter closed
But there are wounds which still pain and burn.

I have moved on, at least I think I have,
Though at times I miss you by my side.
“How you would have reacted”, “What you would have thought”,
Your laughter and the way you cried.

At times I see our pictures, our memories together
And I’m reminded of the memories we made.
Yes you’re gone, your absence does hurt
But in my mind, you will never fade.

There will be a day I will get over you,
I’ll be able to think without you in mind.
I will laugh whole heartedly, I’ll smile without pain
And someone worth I will be able to find.

I’m grateful to you for making me who I am,
For making me fall, head down.
For helping me grow stronger than I was before,
For helping me place back my crown.

For breaking me into pieces with your last goodbye,
For waking me up from my dreams.
For showing me that I could stand alone too,
Even though you hit me on my knees.

I’m sure there’ll be someone who’ll join back my broken pieces,
Who’ll bring back the life in me.
But thanks for everything mate, seriously thanks,
For being a beautiful chapter in my life’s story…

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 5/31/2017 12:58:00 PM
A broken heart is so painful, it takes so much time to get over it... Welcome to Poetry Soup.
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Shrivastava Avatar
Palak Shrivastava
Date: 6/1/2017 9:42:00 AM
That's very true. Thanks:)